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Aggregate Your Social Media Life with FlavorsMe

Aggregate Your Social Media Life with FlavorsMe

Most of us have accounts at dozens of social networking sites and are active at minimum 3 of them. Therefore aggregating this activity is such a good idea: you want to keep your friends updated on all news and stories you share.

There are quite a few tools that unite several social networks for you and today I am sharing a new-comer: is a sleek tool for aggregating your social medial life. The tool is in private beta but you can go ahead and request the invite (or try using the one I am sharing at the end of the post).

After the instant sign-up, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Add your basic info:

  • Provide your full name;
  • Describe yourself and what you do (basic HTML is supported):

2. Add social media services:

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This is where you will need to authenticate your social media accounts to connect them all in one place. Services supported:

Currently supported services:

  • Flickr;
  • Tumblr;
  • Twitter;
  • Vimeo;
  • Facebook;
  • Blogger;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Any RSS
  • A few more:

3. Customize the page look and feel

Just go to your page at and click through:

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  • Available layouts;
  • Backgrounds (upload any background image there);
  • Available fonts;
  • Available color palettes (each of them can be further edited)

In the end you get a totally branded personal page updating on your social media activity. Here’s what I got in the end (also some of my friends report that the page is not mobile-/iPhone-friendly and also looks not very nice in Google Chrome, but the tool is in beta so let’s bear with them )

Note: the service is still in beta; if you need an invite code, MUO has some.

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The tool was reviewed under SEJ policy.


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