A Broader View of Link Building

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A Broader View of Link Building

I once read a provocative question by Eric Ward (that I will paraphrase): “If the search engines went away tomorrow, how would anyone find your website?” Now, you might say, “That is a big ‘IF’- Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.” Then again, if you were hit by one of the recent algorithm changes, Google might as well have disappeared.

This is the true purpose of link building: helping people find your website.

This is also one of the points of the following infographic. If the only goal of your link building campaign is to build links that attempt to increase your rankings in the search engines you are placing your website into a very risky position- you are exposing your website (and your business) to the decisions of another company. Although this company’s motto might be not to do any evil, let’s get real: their real goal is to make money for their investors, even at the expense of your company going broke. Is that a risk you are willing to take?

Even if you weren’t hurt by Penguins recently, I think there’s a lesson for all of us: a healthy link building campaign builds links that generate visitors in addition to building a website’s authority in the eyes of the search engines.

Would you think it valuable to add a sentence to my infographic content relating it to the knowledge graph- as another reason why we can’t solely rely on the search engines for visitors?

Infographic by ReliableAcorn.com



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  • Healthy link building is the way to go. Fly above the radar at all times!

  • Nice info graphic!

  • Yes very true, but it’s also possible do to both. I mean that having links only made for linkbuilding are kind of pointless, because the only factor which will increase is your ranking on the SERP whereas building clever links will bring you visitor and ranking. For instance I write this comment with a link to my website, so I try to get a little bonus in the SERP but I also try to bring some visitors to the curious people who’ll click on it. Clicking on it will depend on the correlation between your website and the topic of the page. In this case it should bring none.

  • I agree that link building should be done for both the search engines and human visitors. Having a ton of links that don’t drive traffic doesn’t do much for your business in the long run. You need a balance and good mix.

  • Very nice info about link building. and there is always a search engine will be available because only Google is not, there are many alternative for Google or in fact better than Google and will be more popular in future,,,,,,,

  • Visitors vs. SEO. Definitely important to know what a link will bring you. Great post!

  • thanks david, yes we should learn and refine our link building strategies the penguin update where i found many websites have been fallen down reasons would be surely low quality links !

  • true thing is white hat always work great it may take time but gives you what result you want and that is always genuine and if you are planning for long run then white hat seo is always recommend

  • Great article for link building, very informative article you’ve done DAVID ZIMMERMAN. Hope to see more article written from you. Thank you for posting.

  • Great Post!!! very informative, we need to focus our link building campaign on natural link building(for human) then artificial(for search engine), the fact is we need to check the caching date, the number of links to the website, the website authority, before submitting our site on the same.

  • “Build links for humans”. Yes! That’s why they’re part of HTML in the first place!

    Nice info-graphic too – very easy to read and understand.

  • As an reformed link building and counting SEO practitioner that definitely relied on the BMR’s and friends a little too much and had our own company website penalised, we can only say that, yes Google will burn you! (I feel like an alcoholic at an AA meeting every time I admit that…).

    Great infographic. We now believe that building your content for humans is the way forward. This mindset maintains the quality of the content; and unique and valuable content is king in today’s (and the future’s) online world. The process is slower, but more long term and consistent; and will ultimately yield better results.

  • Hi David,

    Beautiful infographic you have!
    Not sure if i understood the infographic correctly, but if the webpage is not publicly viewable, shouldn’t it be less likely to send visitors?