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If you are planning to become a self-published author, you have a couple of obstacles to overcome. The biggest is going to be eBook promotion, as gaining visibility on the web isn’t easy. The sheer scope and size of the Internet, plus the billions of people who use it make it easy to get lost in the crowd!

But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You are working in a very specific niche, carving out a part of the web where you will operate. All you need to know is what websites to use for the task, and that is where these nine helpful sites come in.

1. Addicted To Ebooks

Addicted To Ebooks

Is your book currently free on Amazon? If so, you can post a comment here giving a description, a picture, a genre list and a link. It only works for books that are free the day you post them, but it is a valuable resource. Especially for those who are offering their book free for a limited time to collect reviews.

From the owner:

If your book is free for more than five days, I will keep the listing up for five days and then delete it to give other books an opportunity to shine.

2. Author Marketing Club

Author Marketing Club

Another great one for free books, this one doesn’t just link to Amazon downloads. It is a place where you can submit your free eBook from anywhere and it will go on their Top Links page. Super easy and worth the registration.

From the owners:            

Is Your Book Going Free? Save Time & Submit It To The Top Free Sites On This Page

3. Books On The Knob

Books On The Knob

If you aren’t offering your book for free, you can still submit it here if it is a bargain. Anything that is low cost fits the bill, and they will be happy to promote it. Most featured eBooks are $5 or less.

From the owner: 

I get more books to review than I can possibly read, but do mention them in conjunction with their release or a special pricing

4. Bargain Kindle Books

Bargain Kindle Books

This is for deal books, but not free ones. What qualifies as a deal book to them? It needs to be priced between $.01 and $0.99, with at least ten reviews, and a rating of 4.0 or higher on Amazon. They do accept sales rather than regular price, but they don’t guarantee it will be posted before the sale ends.

From the owners:

There will be 7 bargain books posted throughout the day along with the free books. The bargain books will be posted Monday through Friday.

5. eBooks Habit

eBooks Habit

There are two options here. The first is the free book promotion, which may or may not be accepted. The second is a paid, guaranteed placement, which is $10. Or you can be featured as Book of the Day for $20.

From the owners:

All eBooks submitted must have 3 reviews at the time of the free promotion or they will not be considered.

6. Digital Book Today

Digital Book Today

This site does a daily Best 12 eBooks list, and you can submit your to possibly be included. They also have free book lists, deal lists, and more. You can submit your book and they will put it on whatever list they feel is most relevant. It is a high traffic site with regular visitors and subscribers. Very helpful and great to get on.

From the owners:

Books that do not meet the 18+ reviews and 4.0+ rating will not be accepted. No exceptions.

7. Wonderbookland


Want something a little more permanent? This site has a free promotions service as part of their ad exchange program. It even has a guarantee to sweeten the deal. You just register, start your campaign, and exchange ads on your respective sites. It is an easy way to get noticed on a well established site.

From the owners:

Earn credits for including advertising on your website. Use those credits to draw more attention to your eBook, book site, or blog on our network!

8. Free e-Books

Free e-Books

If you want a place to publish as well as promote, this is a great option. More than ten million unique visitors arrive on this site every year, so exposure is high. They also lead you through Google AdSense in order to earn cash involving your book’s advertisements.

From the owners:

Anything shorter than 20 pages will not be approved.

9. MBG eBooks Gallery

MBG eBooks Gallery

Note: To access it for free, you need to apply. The process looks as follows:

  • Upload your eBook cover and a few unique description of what the book is about to the gallery (link to the book download page)
  • Wait for the bloggers to volunteer to publish the review
  • Pick one blogger per description

Do you know of any good sites for eBook promotion? Let us know in the comments!

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project, MyBlogGuest.com.
Ann Smarty
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  • Stephanie

    Fantastic article, thank you Ann! Do you think these would be good places to promote Newstand publications as well (digital magazines as opposed to ebooks)?

    • http://myblogguest.com/blog/ Ann Smarty

      Thanks for reading, Stephanie! I am sure most of these places will be good for digital magazines too!

  • http://frescodata.com/ johnw

    Thanks Ann, these are the nice free sites to promote any eBooks. It will be helpful for many people who are looking to promote their eBook.

  • http://webtechgirldomains.com RuthAnn

    You may also want to try http://www.booktrailercentral.co as a place to promote your book, and also as a reader to find new books to purchase.

  • http://www.3leaps.org 3leaps

    I have a bunch of them but most of them are hopeless and most of them do not reply back. Great thanks for posting this roundup.

  • http://www.TheAuthorsMarketingPowerhouse.com Don McCauley

    Book Marketing, The Authors Marketing Powerhouse, allows authors to post images, description, bio, blogs etc, and free book marketing training.

  • http://zacjohnson.com Zac Johnson

    Excellent article and resources for everyone looking to expand the reach of their new ebook. When I launched my book through Amazon I used most of the services you recommended. Many of these are great options for anyone looking to gain a lot of exposure without spending a large budget on advertising. Great job!

    • http://myblogguest.com/blog/ Ann Smarty

      Thanks for the kind words, Zac!

  • John P. Wheeler

    Hey Ann, Thanks for sharing this list. For authors preparing their ebook launch, this is definitely a great place to start.