Twitter: Must-Have Time-Saving Apps [Video]

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Twitter: Must-Have Time-Saving Apps [Video]

Twitter apps and tools enhance twitter’s awkward interface and limited analytics.  Twitter is growing slower than other social media networks but it is still a necessary part of the holy trinity of social media.  It is a necessary evil in your marketing arsenal and these twitter tools give you the ammunition you need deal with twitter more effectively.

These twitter apps are particularly for the serious inbound marketer or heavy social media users but they work for everyone as well!

Friend or Follow

Use to get rid of sneaker twitter followers that unfollow you as soon as you follow them!ReTweet Me 

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This twitter tool can save you from looking bad having a huge discrepancy of Following to Followers.  Many people add themselves to you with no intention of following you but expecting the obligatory follow back and when you do they unfollow you.  You can get rid of them with this easy to use tool.  I use this app once a week.


Use to follow all the major social media sites and schedule messages plus much more!ReTweet Me 

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I have tested Tweetdeck and actually use Seesmic as well but I can’t really get away from Hootsuite because it is the easiest most helpful interface to use; not only twitter but also for Facebook, Linkedin, and Foursquare!

Unlike the other twitter tools, it allows multiple accounts for each.  Its main problem is that it does not have a desktop version which really does help because it keeps the stream of traffic in your face while you work. I use Seesmic for staying in touch with my message stream but not for tweeting as its interface is terrible.

ReTweetThisButton allows a promotion explosion for Twitter and Facebook for Blogs, Websites, and EmailsReTweet Me 

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You can say it is self-promotion but I truly believe it is not.  I created this site for me first and foremost; and I use it religiously.  I created it to help me promote my blogs better.  Other’s I told about it liked it, so and I created it as a free twitter tool.  It will soon also be added as a Facebook and Hubspot app.

It was inspired by the great Hiten Shah who also inspired me to add the FaceBook comment box to this free marketing tool.  If used correctly it can change the way we create blogs because it will force us to create quotable nuggets that others can tweet with two clicks inside of 3 seconds without thinking at all. They can look good and advertise us at the same time!  The Tweet and Retweet buttons being used in this blog are from this site!



Use to keep up with your social media stream in real time!ReTweet Me 

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This is a good free twitter tool for the purpose I use it for.  However, I am forced to use Hootsuite as well because Seesmic user interface is terrible.  Still it is better than Tweetdeck (who many swear by) and it provides me with a constant message stream alerts from Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. Since Hootsuite does not have this feature it does a good job of helping me out it until Hootsuite wakes up and makes its on desktop app.  It is absolutely the best next thing to Hootsuite in my opinion.


Use to receive alerts with a summary of your twitter activity, works just like Me 

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Twitlert is truly a great app that I just recently found.  It gives you alerts in the same way that Google alerts (highly recommended as well) works but exclusively for Twitter.  If I am busy and miss my mentions on Twitter it delivers it to me at 4 AM each morning.  Having all of my recent twitter activity summarized for me has let me concentrate more on other work as I do not have to focus so much on the message streams!


Use to scour Twitter for great info including scouting your competitors!ReTweet Me 

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This is one ugly duckling but as with the ugly duckling the amount of power and information it can give you makes it a beautiful swan.  It is not exactly user friendly but if you play with it you can gather a great deal of information with its powerful search filtering tools. It also shows an on-the-fly waterfall of twitter messages so you can follow hashtags during a live webinar for example.  This is a gem for keeping up with competitors as well!

I hope you see the value of these great tools and start using them so you too can improve your efficiency and save a great deal of time as well!

What other twitter tools do you like and recommend?

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