5 Tools for Keyword Brainstorming

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Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty
5 Tools for Keyword Brainstorming

Traditional keyword research should always include:

  • exploring keyword combinations and their potential (with tools like Google Adwords Tool);
  • learning your competitors‘ keywords;
  • tracking the keyword performance via internal analytics.

But how to brainstorm for new unique keywords in your and neighboring niches?

Recently there appeared a number of useful tools that can help you find more key terms to focus on:

1. Google Sets will tell you what Google itself considers relevant (neighboring) terms:

google sets

2. MSN clustering tool that “clusters search results into semantically related groups.” The tool groups the related terms in topics and subtopics. It also sorts results based on the main term different meanings.

MSN clustering

3. Searchradar not only displays a keyword tag cloud but also demonstrates the usage of this keyword and its synonyms in short context. It also offers a handy FireFox and Internet Explorer extensions that display relevant topics within Google search results.


4. Keyword Map is also a great fun to play with. It will show you keyword variations either in alphabetical order or on a map:

Keyword Map

5. Urban Dictionary provides a list of related slang and urban words. (Quick tip: install Urban Dictionary FireFox search plugin to search right from your browser.) The dictionary is really helpful at giving you a full picture of your main term associations as well as jargon, memes, and neologisms – the essential information to help you in even a deeper understanding of your niche.

Urban Dictionary

Apart from keyword research all these tools can be very useful in many other spheres:

  • they will help you to get new ideas for your upcoming blog posts if you are stuck for inspiration;
  • they can improve your writing style by enriching it with synonyms;
  • they will give you a deeper understanding of your niche;
  • they will show you new directions to develop outside but nearby your current niche.
Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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