5 Call Tracking Insights You Wish You Had

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5 Call Tracking Insights You Wish You Had

The data that I analyze in Google Analytics drives a lot of the decisions I make (are you in the same boat?).

One report that I now take for granted and one that you probably wish you had is phone tracking conversions.

Being able to see phone call conversions enables me to understand the true ROI of my marketing spend. As Brain points out, phone call ROI can be huge. How huge? $336k huge.

This has probably happened to you at some stage…

You’re running an AdWords campaign, you have someone click on your ad, visit your site, and fill in a submission form. That conversion is easily recorded through Conversions in AdWords.

Another person comes through to your site by clicking on your ad, they see your number, pick up the phone and call you. Here’s data that you’re not measuring against your marketing spend.

So what is it that phone tacking insights can give you?

List of Phone Call Insights Gained

If you were to start recording phone call data, the 5 things that you’ll most likely find useful are:

  1. Keyword to Conversion – Seeing the keyword the user typed in from your SEO or PPC channels and matching that up to the page where the phone call was made from
  2. Time and date of call – Analyzing when people are calling will allow you to make smart decisions in PPC Campaigns such as day parting
  3. Location and Demographics – The exchange where the call was made from is recorded against the area’s demographics
  4. Sales value and custom attributes – Once the call has been completed you can “warp up” the call by punching the sales value into the phone keypad, along with other custom attributes that you set (such as new customer vs returning)
  5. Call Recording – and lastly, a record of the call is archived for training and legal purposes

This data helps me understand the true value of my online marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics and other analytics software does a great job on measuring events based on a website. The gap has been with phone calls. But it doesn’t have to be one anymore.

The Phone and Your Industry

I’m guessing that there are a big percentage of people who would prefer to get onto the phone with you, and given the opportunity with a phone number on your site, would call you before filling in your contact us form.

People that have taken the steps involved to call you are, without question, interested in what you’re offering. Tracking where these people have come to get your number is quite important and will allow you to ultimately optimize and better measure your online marketing spend.



Ayden Mich is the Analytics Manager at Jet Interactive, a phone call tracking company from Sydney, Australia. Jet enables you ... [Read full bio]