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2007 Search Blogs Awards : Nominations Now Open

Good morning readers! It’s late December again and the search conferences have come to a finish, which means like in 2005 and 2006, Search Engine Journal will be hosting and holding our annual Search Blogs Awards.

Our last two years of Search Blogs Awards were a grand success, with corporate, industry and private bloggers walking away with the honor of top blog of their niche search marketing grouping, as voted by their peers.

Search Engine Journal is now opening nominations for blogs to be included for this year’s Search Blogs Awards in the following categories:

  • Best SEO Blog
  • Best SEM Blog
  • Best SEO Plugin for WordPress
  • Best Search Agency Resource Blog
  • Best Link Building Blog
  • Best Social Media Marketing or Optimization Blog
  • Best Local Search Blog
  • Best Video Search Blog
  • Best Mobile Search Blog
  • Best Google Blog Not Owned by Google
  • Best Search Engine Corporate Blog (owned by the search engines)
  • Best Contextual Advertising Blog
  • Best Affiliate Marketing Blog
  • Best Search Engine Community/Forum
  • Best New Search Engine of 2007
  • Best Search Engine Research Blog
  • Best Search Linkbait of 2007
  • Breakout Blog of 2007
  • Best Search Conference Coverage of 2007
  • Best Search Conference Coverage in Photos
  • Best Search Marketing Facebook Group
  • Most Giving Search Blogger
  • Best Independent Search Blog (not owned by media company or marketing agency)
  • Best Search Blog Post of 2007

To nominate blogs, please leave a comment below with the category and your favorite blogs : You can nominate as many blogs as you want (but if someone has already listed one, please don’t feel like you have to list it again).

Nominations will be open until December 21st and voting will being on December 26th and run until December 29th. We’ll then make the winning announcements on January 2nd, 2008.

We’ll be adding some surprise categories into the mix again which should spice up the competition a bit and like 2006, we’ll be giving away blog badges to the proud award recipients.

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2007 Search Blogs Awards :  Nominations Now Open

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