2 New Cool Keyword Research Tools Which Are Based on Google

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Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty
2 New Cool Keyword Research Tools Which Are Based on Google

It is always fun to discover new awesome tools and think “Why haven’t I thought about that myself?”. Last week I was lucky enough to come across two awesome keyword research tools that take advantage of data provided by Google.

Here are the tools:

1. Google Adwords Tool Result Visualization

Keyword Eye (first discovered me via the guest post submission to DailySEOTip) is an Google Adwords tool visualizer. For any word you type it generates a tag cloud where

  • The the phrase font size represents its search volume.
  • The phrase color represents its competition (red: high; orange: medium, green: low).

Additionally, once you hover over any term in the tag cloud, it shows you the actual search volume per month:

Keyword Spy

Clicking any term will add it to the right panel – that allows to download the final list as a text, Excel or CSV file (the panel is static, no matter how many queries you run within one session it will keep all your selected term):

Keyword Eye

The tool also has a 3D format (which I guess is more for fun as it is not really usable for the keyword research process, unlike the default 2D mode):

Keyword Eye 3D

Finally, the tool has a pretty interface for setting the research preferences:

  • Match type (broad, exact, phrase);
  • Country to target;
  • Number of results to return in the cloud;
  • Cloud order (random, by search volume, by competition)
  • Filters:
    • “Only shows words with [low/high/medium] competition”
    • “Only show words with search volume” [lower/higher than…]
    • “Remove keywords including…”

Keyword Eye Settings

2. Google Suggest Tool Result Expansion

Ubersuggest is a new tool that is no so much fun as the above one but which is nonetheless amazingly useful.

What it does is the following:

  • Query Google Suggest service with the term you provide;
  • Query Google Suggest with your term plus one of the
    letters of the alphabet, such as [yoga a], [yoga b] and so on.
  • Collect all the result provided saving you a long and tedious manual work.

For example, if you type [diabetes], you will see the following results expanded by letter:


… and this is just for letters [a] and [b] – you will see plenty of phrases for all the letters of the alphabet (these are just too many for me to be able o show the whole list on one screenshot).

You can then download the whole list as a txt file for further research and manipulation.

I found the tool an awesome help in keyword expanding – I’d love to hear your thoughts on my finds!

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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