2 Free Tools to Find and Analyze SERP Dominators (for Competitor Research)

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We have seen quite a few tools and tips on researching your competition. This quick post shares two free tools that have one thing in common: they let you generate the list of domains that get ranked high for several related search queries (we call them “SERP dominators“):

Competitor List Builder: WhoICompete

Search engines crawledGoogle
Search phrases to check10
Requires registration?Yes
Free or Paid?Free

One of my unloved toys (because I lack time), WhoICompete is a free tool to generate the list of your strongest competitors in Google.

The search results are presented in form of a table where you can see:

  • The list of domains ranked for the specified terms;
  • The number of “Overlaps” (how many terms is the domain ranked for);
  • “Details” link
  • Some SEO-relevant statistics for advanced usage.


The tool has some nifty features which were added on users’ feedback:

  • You can target results by country (tested by non-US users with positive feedback);
  • Generate some SEO-relevant information for each domain or page in the list (like Google home page PageRank, Alexa Rank, etc);
  • Export the whole table to Excel

Clicking the “Details” links brings you to the list of all subpages from the current domain that got ranked high for the search phrased provided:

WhoICompete details

The same login information will also let you access our little discussion board which can be used to share feedback and feature suggestions for the tool.

Identify Your Top Search Competitors

(by Andrew Griffiths)

Search engines crawledBing and Yahoo
Search phrases to check3
Requires registration?No
Free or Paid?Free

The best thing about the tool which you will love: it is free and requires no registration, so there’s obviously no excuse for not trying it out.

With the tool you are allowed to submit three search phrases and in a few seconds you’ll be presented with “Top Search Engine Dominators” in:

  • Top 3 positions for the three search queries provided;
  • Top 10 positions for the three search queries provided;
  • Top 20 positions for the three search queries provided;
  • Top 50 positions for the three search queries provided:

SERP dominators

The tool will also visualize the stats for you to easier understand it:

SERPs dominators

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  • Very nice – I like the first one best. It provides a nice starting point to figure out who your competition is, then you can manually start looking at various SEO factors, or use your other SEO competition analysis tools. Thanks!

  • Good for basic start

  • Great tool thanks for sharing. Looks like a good place to start for an SEO competitive analysis.

  • I liked the first tool as well definitely identifies your top competitors and you can go from there as someone mentioned , plus the number of keywords in free version is larger so it has more potential .

  • Jamesb

    Nice article Ann!!

  • Good finds Ann! I knew about WhoICompete but havent seen Andrew Griffiths’ tool.

  • Hmm effective and easy to use. I like thanks for sharing. Keep up good work going.

  • Very useful information! Thank you!

  • Very useful tools indeed. WhoICompete is very different from the tool that I am using thus I will give it a try since it is free anyway. Thanks a lot.

  • IT Works Interactive

    Thank you! great tols for analysis and comparison.
    There lots of works to be done to catch up with competitors!

  • IT Works Interactive

    Thank you! great tols for analysis and comparison.
    There lots of works to be done to catch up with competitors!

  • I like both tools, but I’m stuck with Ontolo which has the same functions, but I think you can add up to 30 keywords to find your top competitors in Ontolo.

  • lemme give it a try..

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  • Nice one, I like whois compete – gives a quick overview and saves time.

  • Easy, quick and free. What’s not to like. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Its very effective post.. Thanks for this..
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