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13 of Today’s Top PPC Experts to Follow

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13 of Today’s Top PPC Experts to Follow

For paid search, PPC, and digital advertising practitioners, there is no shortage of information for the newbie to seasoned expert.

Platforms, technology, and consumer behaviors change rapidly.

Thankfully, a slew of passionate industry experts are plugged-in to the latest and greatest PPC trends and releases so you can instantly gain the insights and advice you need.

The people on this list are all actively doing PPC now – or they’re sharing PPC information, knowledge, and insights (either via social media, contributing to publications or blogs, authoring books, podcasting, or speaking at conferences).

Follow them for insights and resources.

13 of Today’s Top PPC Experts to Follow

Brad Geddes

The premier AdWords seminar leader, Brad Geddes has spoken at over 60 conferences all over the world. He is a book author and avid blogger, sharing his inside knowledge on PPC and Adwords.

Follow @bgtheory on Twitter

13 of Today’s Top PPC Experts to Follow

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is an entrepreneur and expert in digital marketing specializing in AdWords, Facebook Ads, and chatbots. As a speaker, columnist, and avid tweeter, he blows the minds of followers with insights on recent trends, stats, and actionable tips for practitioners.

Follow @larrykim on Twitter

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ginny marvinGinny Marvin

Ginny Marvin is a popular professional columnist and speaker in digital marketing and paid media, such as PPC, display, native, video, mobile, and more with thousands of readers.

Follow @GinnyMarvin on Twitter

David SzetelaDavid Szetela

David Szetela is the host of the world’s longest running podcast on PPC, PPC Rockstars. He is an author and active conference speaker.

Follow @Szetela on Twitter

13 of Today’s Top PPC Experts to FollowJohn Lee

John Lee is a speaker, writer, and paid search geek with a current focus on training for Bing Ads. As a entrepreneur, he is well versed in numerous verticals and can rarely be stumped with any PPC question.

Follow @john_a_lee on Twitter

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13 of Today’s Top PPC Experts to FollowAaron Levy

As an industry writer and speaker, Aaron Levy frequently takes deep dives in PPC and recent trends using his keen eye for consumer psychology and buyer behavior and its impact on paid media.

Follow @bigalittlea on Twitter

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Elizabeth MarstenElizabeth Marsten

Elizabeth Marsten is an industry speaker, writer, and book author. She specializes in e-commerce PPC, product ads, feeds, and is a leading authority on the inner workings of Amazon ads.

Follow @ebkendo on Twitter

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Michelle MorganMichelle Morgan

An industry speaker and avid blogger, Michelle Morgan regularly tweets with an emphasis on the nerdy nuts and bolts and secret tips of PPC.

Follow @michellemsem on Twitter

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Melissa MackeyMelissa Mackey

Probably the most knowledgeable person on B2B PPC on the planet, Melissa Mackey shares her insights via speaking, blogging, and on Twitter and Twitter chats.

Follow @Mel66 on Twitter

Frederick VallaeysFrederick Vallaeys

As a former Google AdWords evangelist and founder of his own company, Frederick Vallaeys is an expert on AdWords Scripts, reports, and automations. He is a also a long time industry speaker and writer.

Follow @siliconvallaeys on Twitter

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13 of Today’s Top PPC Experts to FollowPurna Virji

As one of the most influential PPC experts in the world, Purna Virji travels globally to educate audiences on PPC, AI, machine learning, and voice search technologies. She is keynote speaker and writer as well.

Follow @purnavirji on Twitter

Matt VanWagnerMatt Van Wagner

Matt Van Wagner is a long-time speaker and writer on PPC. His creative industry presentations educate as well as entertain with real-life examples of his experience in the paid search industry.

Follow @mvanwagner on Twitter

Kirk WilliamsKirk Williams

Kirk is an avid tweeter, industry writer, and conference speaker who is actively involved in Twitter chats such as #PPCChat.

Follow @PPCKirk on Twitter

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