11 Expert Tips for Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics

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11 Expert Tips for Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers e-commerce startups a great way to increase conversions and grow revenue by seeing where a site or mobile app could use improvements. It’s a great tool — if you’re not already using it, you should be.

Although most entrepreneurs know the basics, there are a whole host of lesser-known Google Analytics tips that startups could be using to improve their business. Here are 11 of them:

Create Custom Audience Segments

Lauren PerkinsPut your target audience analysis and personas to good use by creating customer audience segments in Google Analytics. You can apply these to overall traffic or individual pieces of content and compare results between different segments. This will enable you to gain consumer insights that are more specific than aggregate results, which will inform further testing and conversion optimization.
Lauren Perkins, Perks Consulting

Use Funnel Conversion Tools

George BousisKnow how your customers navigate the site and where they drop off. By distinguishing these patterns in the user flow, you can take the next step to improve through traffic and increase revenue. Use territories to understand customer conversion, and pay attention to their adoption rate and the devices they use. This will allow you to test early and often through a series of optimized a/b tests.
George Bousis, Raise Marketplace Inc.

Test Your Tester

Travis SteffenMost people drop in Google Analytics code and just instantly assume it’s working perfectly. But while it claims to be a self-serve system, it’s best to spend the money to have a specialist come in and set up your funnel visualization, test it from all angles and give you a detailed overview to make sure it’s all working exactly the way it should. Flawed data is more dangerous than no data.
Travis Steffen, Cyber Superpowers

Use Trackbacks to Find Your Fans

Laura RoederMany people don’t know about the trackback page in the social section of analytics. Trackbacks gives you a clear, easy list of everyone who has linked back to you. An e-commerce startup should use this page to find and reward their early fans with coupon codes or special recognition.
Laura Roeder, LKR Social Media

Implement Offline Conversion Tracking

Mark KrassnerThe problem with Google Analytics as a standalone product is that you can’t capture conversion or sales data that occur over the phone. And if you’re not capturing all conversions, you’re left with flawed data. Look into a call tracking platform, like Mongoose Metrics, that feeds directly into your analytics so you know what channels and keywords drive the most sales.
Mark Krassner, Knee Walker Central

Take Advantage of Site Speed

Andrew SchrageTake advantage of the Site Speed feature. If all of your pages aren’t loading quickly, you could be missing out on sales opportunities.
Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance


Use Popcorn Metrics

Logan LenzUse Popcorn Metrics to set up your goals quicker and easier. Rather than worry about code, Popcorn Metrics allows you to go through the user flow yourself to tag the site. It’s a major time and headache saver to say the least.
Logan Lenz, Endagon

Set Up Conversion Goals

Phil LaboonBe sure to set up Google Analytics goals for conversion tracking. This may not be a lesser-known tip, but it’s surprisingly underutilized. Setting up goals will let you know that users are taking the actions you want them to take when they come to your website.
Phil Laboon, Eyeflow Internet Marketing

Compare User Flow for New Versus Returning Visitors

Brittany HodakLooking at the User Flow of your site gives you a great idea of which pages are over performing and which are under performing. This information can help you design a better site flow and tell you which content needs to be improved. I find the amount of time spent on each page and the individual drop-off rates to be most telling, especially when comparing behaviors of new versus repeat visitors.
Brittany Hodak, ZinePak

Use the URL Builder

josh weissThe Google URL builder allows you to add custom campaign parameters to URLs. It’s simple to use and helps immensely with tracking events from sources such as email newsletters, social media posts, and guest posts.
Josh Weiss, Bluegala


Set Goals From the Beginning

Rob FultonStay focused on the outcome. We’ve lost time and money by not coming up with goals before going inside Google Analytics. If you spend about four hours setting up goals, you’re going to discover a lot more about how you approach your business.
Rob Fulton, Matikis


What are your favorite Google Analytics tips?


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  • Andres Moreno Ruiz

    hello. nice article…however, it would be better if each expert teach us the way to create those reports on GA…
    Don’t forget some people who come here ( like me ) aren’t experts.

  • Marc Heiss

    Hello, good tipps!
    Another import point for me is the tracking for my online spendings like adwords or ad campaigns! There are some nice tools to measure and optimize them!

  • Marc Heiss

    good article, thanks!
    For me its also very important to keep an eye on your adwords and online ad spendings! There are some nice features in analytics to analyse and optimize them!

  • Lawrence Mak

    Very good articles. I really hope to learn more about it to improve my online business.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Savan

    nice information i love SEJ thank you

  • Emmanuel

    Madam Laura did raise one interesting point with respect to many people don’t know about the trackback page in the social section of analytics.
    And I am a part of it as well. I never knew GA has lots of things to offer like.
    The best I do with it is to monitor my my traffic and where they come from.
    Thanks for this!

    PS: I found this post shared on kngged.com

  • Sherman Smith (@sks_success75)

    I’m always open to great tips to make better use of Google Analytics. I would have to say I’m using three of these tips which are setting up conversion goals, comparing new and returning visitors, and funnel conversions. They can still use some tightening up.

    One of the suggestions that caught my eye was using trackbacks to find my fans. I didn’t know there was a feature within GA, but I will definitely look for it and implement it more often! Thanks sharing this post! It was a lot of great value!

  • Pramod

    Thank you for detailed descriptive features on Google Analytics and this post also helps to control website visitors effectively.

  • Darlene Smith

    I had my web guy add this up from the beginning. I do not sell any products but my favorite section in Analytics is the visitor flow and landing pages. Visitor flow is great to see exactly where people go. It gives a good opportunity to see how people interpret your site and the content which is usually a bit different than the way I do. I like “landing pages” tracking because as I put new content up I like to know how it ranks against the others on the site and against my expectations.
    Great job on bringing it all together here. I do understand the value of online tracking. All my phone calls are recorded as to their source, but I think I will check out some software options as mentioned here, never knew they existed.
    Thanks again.