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100 Amazing Women Marketers to Follow on Twitter

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100 Amazing Women Marketers to Follow on Twitter

Social media is a powerful tool.

It’s completely changed how we communicate and interact with the world. And one of the greatest benefits of Twitter is the ability to follow role models in your desired field. You can learn what they’re reading, who they admire, and how they navigate through their professions.

As a marketer, I’m always intrigued by the number of powerful women in the industry. From agency owners to skilled subject-matter experts, women are paving the way to make a difference in business and their communities.

So, I scoured multiple profiles and websites to find the unsung heroes in marketing. Some influencers you may recognize, and others will be brand new to your radar. However, all the individuals on this list are making an impact.

Here are 100 women marketers to follow:

  1. Ericka Pittman (@ErickaMPittman)— Ericka is the Vice President at Combs Enterprises. Recognized for building strong brands, this Baruch College alumna has a proven track record establishing a lasting presence in new markets, identifying growth opportunities, and initiating strong business alliances.
  2. Devin Bramhall (@devinemily)— A self-proclaimed startup junkie, Devin works at the Director of Content at HelpScout. She is a storyteller who likes to take pictures and ride her bike.
  3. Christine Del Castillo (@chrissachrissa) — Christine leads all things community and PR at Workable. She plans events, writes content, and runs the social channels. When not at work, Christine runs a meetup series for community pros called CMX Boston.
  4. Juliana Casale (@attackofthetext) — Juliana is a natural-born networker and the Content Marketing Manager with Nanigans. She is the founding member of the Boston Content Committee. Her specialties content strategy, brand voice, and digital advertising.
  5. Nadya Khoja (@NadyaKhoja) — Nadya is the Director of Marketing at Venngage. She’s an avid contributor at Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and The Next Web. When she has time, Nadya directs, produces, and sound designs for experimental and interactive performances.
  6. Shanelle Mullin (@shanelle_mullin) — Shanelle handles the content and growth at ConversionXL. She’s a proponent of influencer marketing and turns conversations into friendships and friendships into sales.
  7. Talia Wolf (@TaliaGw) — With more than ten years experience in conversion optimization, growth, and marketing leadership, Talia is the CMO at Banana Splash. She focuses on creating better user journeys and online experiences using emotional and behavioral targeting to generate more revenue.
  8. Stacey MacNaught (@staceycav) — Stacey is the Search Director at Tecmark UK. She leads a team of brilliant people carrying out content marketing led SEO campaigns. Stacey has had the opportunity to speak at Mozcon Seattle, BrightonSEO, SearchLove London, and SASCon.Stacey MacNaught
  9. Angie Schottmuller (@aschottmuller) — Angie is a growth marketing consultant and a Forbes Top 10 Online Marketer. She helps organizations catapult ROI and get an average 4X more out of existing marketing efforts through data-driven technology and persuasive psychology.
  10. Lianna Patch (@punchlinecopy) — Lianna is the Copy Director at SNAP Copy. She specializes in conversion copywriting and content strategy. Her tagline: I write stuff that makes people buy stuff.
  11. Casandra Campbell (@Casandra_Camp) — Casandra handles growth at Shopify. Her expertise includes helping small businesses get bigger. She uses proven case studies and tested tactics get business results.
  12. Tiffany Da Silva (@bellastone) — Tiffany is a growth consultant and Founder of Flowjo. Over the past ten years, she has worked in all facets of online marketing including email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, and conversion rate optimization.
  13. Jen Havice (@jenhavice) — Jen is conversion optimizer and copywriter at Make Mention. She helps businesses get better performing websites and marketing campaigns with higher converting online copy.
  14. Claire Vo (@clairevo) —Claire co-founded Experiment Engine. An innovative creative professional, with both hands-on and senior leadership experience, her experience spans e-commerce and interactive and UX design.
  15. Kristy Bolsinger (@kristy) — Kristy is the Senior Manager of Customer Experience and Optimization at F5 Networks. She helps companies expand their brands and extend their reach on social media channels.
  16. Theresa Baiocco Farr (@theresabaiocco) — Co-founder of Conversion Max Theresa helps mid-sized businesses increase their website’s revenues. She has been a featured speaker on conversion optimization at Conversion Conference, Pubcon, and Webcam.
  17. Stefanie Grieser (@smgrieser) — Strategic marketing professional, innovative thinker, and entrepreneurial problem solver. Stefanie is the International Marketing Manager at Unbounce, where she oversees and manages all marketing localization projects.
  18. Erin Bury (@erinbury) — Erin is the Managing Director at 88Creative. She’s a digital marketer, technology journalist, and startup enthusiast. She has led sessions about entrepreneurship and marketing at events across North America.
  19. Lisa Barone (@LisaBarone) — Chief Marketing Officer at Overit, Lisa is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of all external and internal marketing initiatives. Her writings and opinions have been featured Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, and Forbes.
  20. Lauren Moon (@elmoonio) — Lauren is the Content Marketing Manager at Trello, where she leads creative marketing and campaign strategy, editorial calendar management, and community outreach. Her background also includes social media marketing, copy editing, and front end web design.
  21. Margaret Magnarelli (@mmagnarelli) — Margaret is an artful editor at helping legacy brands innovate, establishing a brand voice and message, and boosting business through content. Currently, she is the Managing Editor at Monster.
  22. Joanna Wiebe (@copyhackers) — Joanna is the Founder of Copy Hackers, the home of conversion copywriting. She’s worked with the world’s most exciting startups: Shopify, Metalab, Mind Valley, and Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout,
  23. Susan Moeller (@SusanCMoeller) — Susan is the Business Development Manager at Buzzsumo. She teaches marketers and publishers to leverage data for better content.
  24. Rebecca Kelley (@rebeccakelley) — Since 2006, Rebecca has worked in the tech sphere. She’s the Senior Editor at Leafly and specialized in social media marketing, community building, and content creation.
  25. Hana Abaza (@HanaAbaza) — Hana is the Vice President of Marketing at Uberflip. She has a knack for communicating inspired tech solutions to mainstream audiences. She loves the entire marketing process from product development to commercialization.
  26. Amy Porterfield (@AmyPorterfield) — Amy helps people create professional webinar strategies. She is a well-known social media strategist who specializes in Facebook.
  27. Kaleigh Moore (@kaleighf ) — The bulk of Kaleigh’s experience lies in social media marketing, writing, and editing. She is a freelance writer specializing in SaaS and e-commerce.
  28. Nichole Elizabeth Demere (@NikkiElizDemere ) — Nichole is a SaaS consultant and customer success evangelist. Her specialty is strategizing ways to improve retention and strengthen brands. She also is the founder of Authentic Curation.
  29. Andrea Wahbe (@TheRunningStart) — Andrea is a B2B marketing strategist. Her expertise is in developing compelling corporate stories that generate sales leads.
  30. Shana Pilewski (@ShangRaeLa) — Shana works at Outbrain as a Content Development Strategist. She has 5+ years of experience in digital marketing, ranging from social media strategy to overseeing marketing initiatives.
  31. Brittany Melton (@xobritdear) — Brittany is a logo and web designer, helping creative entrepreneurs create beautiful websites. She has worked on design teams for an array of entrepreneurs, like speaker Patrice Washington from RealMoneyAnswers and Tonya Rapley from MyFabFinance.
  32. Lolly Spindler (@LollySpindler) — Content Marketing Manager at Xoombi, Lolly helps her clients with everything from SEO audits to creating well-written content. She has published over 200 posts.
  33. Brittany Berger (@thatbberg) — Brittany is the Head of Content & PR at Mention. This marketer is in love with words—writing and reading them. Her expertise includes social media, communications, blogging, and inbound marketing.
  34. Yulia Shevardenkova (@YuliaShevy) — Yulia connects with the online marketing community. She is the Communications Manager for SEMrush and has organized B2B conferences in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
  35. Alexandra Tachalova (@AlexTachalova) — Alexandra is a digital marketing consultant and Founder of Digital Olympus. She possesses extensive experience in corporate communication, customer relationship management, search engine marketing and lead generation
  36. Alina Benny (@alinacbenny) — Alina is a corporate marketer with Freshdesk. She handles content across the company’s four products. She also volunteers for IEEE Women In Engineering.
  37. Kiki Schirr (@kikischirr) — Kiki is a freelance digital marketer specializing in content marketing, branding, and strategy. One of her past projects included connecting a major medical brand with targeted startups for business development. She also is a regular contributor to the social media blog {grow}.
  38. Michelle Nickolaisen (@_ChelleShock) — Michelle is all about writing and content marketing. She specializes in making B2B content not boring. She also creates workshops, classes, and digital products for freelancers.
  39. Shenee Howard (@heyshenee) — Shenee is a brand strategist, copywriter, and business coach. She equips entrepreneurs and small businesses with the strategies they need to attract adoring fans and loyal customers.
  40. Sharon Hurley Hall (@SHurleyHall) — With a background in journalism, Sharon is a skilled professional writer and blogger. Her recent work includes writing feature style customer stories, interviewing company insiders for case studies, and writing articles for corporate newsletters.
  41. Cara Hogan (@CaraHogan27) — Cara is the Content Marketing Manager at Rentlytics. She enjoys creating high-quality content like blogs, podcasts, and in-depth eBooks. She is a grammar perfectionist, a prolific Tweeter, and a news lover.
  42. Melissa Kimble (@Melissa_Kimble) — Melissa is an expert in running social media campaigns, handling social media for live events, and leading brand ambassador and influencer programs. She is the Senior Social Media Manager at Ebony Magazine.
  43. Cali Pitchel (@caliptichel) — Cali is the Director of Growth and Customer Success at Joy the App. She’s also an award-winning copywriter and content marketer with demonstrated success, both on the agency and client side.
  44. Cheryl Lawson (@Partyaficionado) — Founder of Social Media Tulsa, Cheryl loves discussing social media, event marketing, and digital marketing. She is also the CEO of Party Aficionado, a leading social marketing firm.
  45. Chelsea Baldwin (@chelseajanea) — Chelsea founded Copy Power, where she delivers the copywriting businesses need to be remembered online. In her career, she has worked for several companies, including Click Labs and Climate Connect.
  46. Janet Choi (@lethargarian) — Janet is the Senior Manager of Product Marketing and Content at She has experience in content strategy, social media, and email marketing. Her writing has appeared in Fast Company, The Next Web, and Business Insider.Janet Choi
  47. Clara Buchanan (@clara_buchanan) — Clara is the Founder of Hypergrow and a growth strategist working with early stage technology companies. She mentors budding entrepreneurs at EDGE Edtech, Kaplan, and Techstar’s educational technology accelerator.
  48. Ronnie Kassif (@Ronnie6121) — As an inbound marketing expert, Ronnie works as a Marketing Manager at Digital Telepathy. Her strengths include content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.
  49. Samantha Anderson (@SamAnderson41) — Samantha is the Co-Founder of 41 Orange, Inc., a content and marketing service provider. She has worked with Fortune 500 tech, financial, and consumer brands to shape their online presence. She also loves traveling.
  50. Sweta Patel (@SwetaSpeaks) — Sweta is a Demand Generation Manager for Full Circle Insights. Her specialties range from creative marketing to advertising to event planning.
  51. Taru Bhargav (@TaruBhargav) — A passionate tea trailblazer, Taru is an Inbound Marketer at AppVirality. She enjoys writing about social media, content marketing, mobile and app marketing. Her published work has appeared in MarketingProfs, HubSpot, and Marketo.
  52. Joei Chan (@joeei) — Currently working at Mention in the content marketing division, Joei shapes boring content into engaging narrative. When she’s not writing, she usually eating.
  53. Katy Katz (@katykatztx) —Katy is a Senior Consultant at SmartBug Media, and she loves helping brands tell their story. She has spoken at multiple conferences around the country, including Pubcon, MnSearch, and Zenit.
  54. Kelly Kuhn-Wallace (@KKDUB) — Executives hire Kelly to figure out what will drive more growth at their companies. She describes herself as a growth marketing and strategy consultant with ice cream issues.
  55. Sarah E. Brown (@SEBMarketing ) — Sarah works as the Senior Manager of Growth Marketing at ServiceRocket. She also co-hosts Helping Sells Radio, a technology podcast. Sarah is a growth catalyst for B2B SaaS companies.
  56. Tia Fomenoff (@tiafomenoff ) — Tia is the Director of Product Marketing at Thinkific and previously worked at Unbounce and Buffer. She’s happiest when helping others achieve their goals. Tia is always up for learning something new.
  57. Violeta Nedkova (@VioletaNedkova) — Violeta is a marketing coach, who helps businesses with growth, copywriting, and pre-launch strategy. She is a multi-passionate individual with expertise in social media, writing, and startups.
  58. Lisa Kalner Williams (@kalnerwilliams) — Lisa is the Content Marketing Director at Agorapulse. Since 2009, she’s worked with companies and agencies on social media marketing analysis, strategy, and instruction.
  59. Azure Collier (@azurecollier) — Azure works as the Social Media Marketing and Community Manager at Constant Contact. Her specialties include email marketing, event marketing, public relations, and journalism.
  60. Dhariana Lozano (@DhariLo) — Co-Founder of Supremacy Marketing, Dhariana keeps up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing. She loves helping businesses and individuals grow and thrive online and beyond.
  61. Zoë Björnson (@kzoeb) — Zoë is a content marketer who turned to the product side. She works as the Product Marketing Manager for She can help businesses with social media strategy, email marketing, and community building.
  62. Suzanne Nguyen (@StringStory) — Suzanne helps traditional brands use emerging social platforms, like Snapchat and Facebook Live. She’s a millennial marketer and consultant who specializes in creating social wows.
  63. Aja Frost (@ajavuu) — Aja is a Staff Writer at Hubspot, where she champions the inbound sales movement. When she’s not brainstorming ideas, Aja can be found running, listening to podcasts, or geeking out about cool tech.
  64. Sakita Holley (@MissSuccess) — Sakita is the Founder and CEO at House of Success PR, a lifestyle brand relations firm. She also hosts a podcast called Hashtags + Stilettos that helps millennial women win at work.
  65. Mattie James (@Mattieologie) — Mattie is the editor and creator of personal style blog, Her expertise ranges from social media management to digital branding to photography.
  66. Emmelie De La Cruz (@EmmelieDeLaCruz) — Emmelie is a digital marketing manager and social media specialist focused on content creation and engaged communication on social networks and the web. Her work experience in marketing and communications spreads over various industries including healthcare, entertainment, and education.
  67. Amber Janae (@WhoIsAmberJanae) — Amber is a Marketing Specialist at One Workplace, where she handles copywriting, social media management, and blog writing. She’s worked for notable companies, like Pacific Gas & Electric, Best Buy, and Ford Motor Company.
  68. Kyshira Moffett (@KyshiraM) — Kyshira is a brand strategist, career advisor, and professional speaker. This year, she developed the Hustle HER Way summit. She also is passionate about serving her community.
  69. Maxine Green (@lexicamarketing) — Maxine is the Marketing Manager for SessionCam. She has experience of working with both blue chip companies and startups. Her specialties encompass SEO, social media, and content development.
  70. Chasity Cooper (@chasityscooper) — Chasity is an expert in the areas of digital communications strategy, online brand management, and public relations. She looks to empower and educate a generation of thinkers, doers, and game changers through effective storytelling.
  71. Amelia Willson (@amelioratethis) — Amelia is the Content Marketing Manager at HostGator. She is an online marketing professional with proven experience in SEO, copywriting, content strategy, and social media for B2B and B2C audiences.
  72. Cara Harshman (@CaraHarshman) — Cara is a freelance journalist, content marketer, and storyteller. Previously, she worked at Optimizely, where she experienced many facets of B2B marketing, sales, and customer success,
  73. Krystal Franklin (@krysfranklintv) — Digital content producer Krystal works for the Tom Joyner Morning Show at REACH Media. She is responsible for creating fresh and engaging content. She also has helped produce several national events, including the 2008 NBA All-Star Game and Steve Harvey’s Annual Mentoring Weekend for Boys.Krystal Franklin
  74. Courtney Seiter (@courtneyseiter) — Courtney holds the title of Inclusivity Catalyst at Buffer. She labels herself as a writer, editor, Nashvillian, music nerd, cyclist, and discerning GIF collector.
  75. Liliana Holloway (@Liliholl) — Liliana is a passionate and creative digital marketer, who loves brainstorming, planning, and delivering quality campaigns. Over the years, she has earned extensive experience in email and social media marketing and web content management.
  76. Kelly Hungerford (@KDHungerford) — Native Californian and people-person Kelly is a social brand strategist at Communityworks. She helps startups and brands with limited in-house digital expertise or resources create, implement, and optimize digital operations.
  77. Ariel Rule (@arielrule) — Ariel is a Social Media Manager at Duda. She also works with businesses to craft copy and content that blasts sales and conversion goals to infinity and beyond.
  78. Jes Kirkwood (@jeskirkwood ) — Jes is a Marketing Consultant for Autopilot. At heart, she’s a strategist—forward-thinking and intuitive, yet driven by research and biased toward action. Her values include diversity and inclusion, access over ownership, and work-life balance.
  79. Kerry O’Shea Gorgone (@KerryGorgone) — Lawyer. Professional interviewer. Writer. Kerry is also the host of the Marketing Smarts podcast. At MarketingProfs, she is the Senior Program Manager of Enterprise Learning, where she oversees the development of virtual and face-to-face learning programs for marketing professionals.
  80. Ileane Smith (@Ileane) — Ileane is a blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, and social media veteran. Her expertise includes direct mail and email promotions.
  81. Gina Schreck (@Ginaschreck) — Gina is the Founder of SocialKNX, a digital marketing, and social media management agency. She’s also a social media marketing speaker. She loves big adventures and sings loud in her car.
  82. Ilise Benun (@ilisebenun) — Ilise is a national speaker and the Founder of Marketing Mentor, a business coaching program. She specializes in creating marketing plans and reviewing proposals for creative professionals.
  83. Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar) — Madalyn is a social media power influencer, blogger, podcaster, and business coach. Known for her Twitter expertise, she hosts #TwitterSmarter. Her eagerness to share years of accumulated knowledge makes her one of the most in-demand conference speakers.
  84. Mary Green (@MaryGreenCNY) — From building out inbound marketing campaigns to generating copy for landing pages, Mary has worked to optimize businesses’ marketing budgets. Previously a Digital Marketing Strategist at, she collaborated with the head of HubSpot labs to implement community, marketing, and product projects.
  85. Minal Patel (@Minal2804 ) — Minal founded Marketing by Minal to help businesses focus their marketing efforts. During her career, she has worked with some of the industry’s top companies, including Constant Contact and SMART Technologies.
  86. Kellie O’Brien (@KellieOBrienAU) — Kellie is an author, speaker, and blogger, who specializes in social media, online marketing, and launch strategy. With16 years of journalism experience, she lives and breathes story and strategy.
  87. Evangeline Umali (@Reims_U) — Evangeline is a Content Strategist at Navigant Consulting Inc. She manages the content creation process from beginning to end.
  88. Warsan Amin (@WarsanAmin) — Warsan is an online media professional. She helps business owners and nonprofit organizations become independent marketers. She also cares about causes in civil rights, economic empowerment, and education
  89. Sarah Cousins (@Sarah__Cousins) — Sarah is a self-proclaimed marketing and social media geek. She loves to write sales pages, website copy, feature articles. and blog posts. Her skills include project management, targeted marketing, and public relations.
  90. Kelly Weppler (@marketingkelly) — Sales and marketing professional, Kelly has proven success developing customer relationships and sales strategy to deliver client value. She’s also a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, focusing on lead generation for small technology companies.
  91. Sue Duris (@SueDuris) — Sue is customer-obsessed and loves helping people achieve their goals. She is the Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at M4 Communications. As a strong communicator, she thrives in collaborative and innovative environments.
  92. Peg Fitzpatrick (@PegFitzpatrick) — Peg is the Director of Social Media Marketing for Guy Kawasaki. She shares her professional experience in the trenches of social media, marketing, and blogging as a speaker. She also writes on LinkedIn and her personal blog.
    Peg Fitzpatrick
  93. Andrea Vahl (@AndreaVahl) — Andrea is a social media consultant and speaker, who is passionate about helping businesses understand and leverage the power of social media. She also is the Co-Founder of Social Media Manager School, an online training course to help consultants and businesses learn social media marketing.
  94. Kim Garst (@kimgarst) — Live streaming strategist. Social selling professional. Twitter expert. Kim is extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge around digital media, social media, and social selling.
  95. Brittnee Anderson (@_iambrittnee) — Marketing Manager for Essence Beauty Box, Brittnee develops and executes strategic 360 marketing plans to acquire and retain subscribers. Her specialties include marketing and branding strategy, pricing and promotion strategy, and paid media.
  96. Pam Neely (@PamellaNeely) — Pam is a content creation powerhouse—part writer, part marketer. She caters to companies seeking long-form blog posts and other marketing content to reach small business audiences.
  97. Ann Smarty (@seosmarty) — Ann works as the Brand Manager for Internet Marketing Ninjas. Her skill set spans across keyword research, online reputation management, and link building.
  98. Casie Gillette (@Casieg) — Cassie is the Director of Online Marketing for KoMarketing Associates, helping to guide company initiatives, service offerings, and the organization’s presence online. She’s an expert at copywriting, marketing communications, website usability, and client services.
  99. Christina Baldassarre (@ChristinaBaldas) — Christina is the Founder and Managing Partner at Zebra Advertisement. Her clients include over 5000 businesses from all over the world, including marketing professionals, agencies, and small businesses. In her free time, she is a passionate equestrian rider.
  100. Maureen Jann (@MaureenOnPoint) — Maureen is responsible for leading her team to drive sales at Point It as the Director of Marketing. Her unexpected guerrilla marketing tactics help her stay on budget and keep the prospect experience authentic.



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