Fortune 500 vs Inc 500: Who’s More Social

One of the many conversations I always hear at social media conferences, or within social media marketing discussions, is the fact that even though companies are starting to realize they need to be engaged in social media, they still have a hard time getting the upper level management to really engage and commit to using the top social communities. asked a pretty interesting question today, asking ‘Which Group is More Social? Fortune 500 or Inc 500.

Although the answer is quite clear to most, we found some of the details in both their Video and Infographic to be very interesting, such as the fact that even with the presence that many Fortune 500 CEOs have, they have barely updated or engaged at all.

Check out the video here and the Infographic below:

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Brent Csutoras

Brent Csutoras

Chief Social Media Strategist at Kairay Media
Brent is co-founder of Alpha Brand Media, who publishes Search Engine Journal, and is responsible for managing SEJ's social strategy. Brent also owns the social media agency Kairay Media and the design firm Pixel Road Designs.
Brent Csutoras

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2 thoughts on “Fortune 500 vs Inc 500: Who’s More Social

  1. Interesting infographic. Thanks for pointing it out, Brent! It appears that Fortune 500 CEOs see more rinks than growth opportunities as compared to the Inc 500 CEOs.

  2. Very interesting infographics and that much interesting facts as well. Thanks for this very insightful analysis. Fortune companies will need a lot of catch up to do soon :-)