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YouTube to Roll Out Non-Skippable Ads to All Creators

YouTube will soon be expanding non-skippable ads to all creators who can already monetize content.

This update will be happening within the week, and creators will receive a notification letting them know when they’re able to run non-skippable ads.

If a creator chooses to enable non-skippable ads, then the ads can be added to previously published videos as well as any new content uploaded going forward.

Previously, non-skippable ads were only available to a select number of creators. Now they will be available to everyone in the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube made this announcement on its Creator Insider channel, emphasizing the opportunity for creators to make more money.

To coincide with this expanded rollout, YouTube plans to add a tool that will allow creators to add or remove non-skippable ads in bulk.

Creators will also be able to track audience engagement and revenue specifically from videos that contain non-skippable ads.

This will be helpful for assessing whether the ads are actually helping or hurting a creator’s content.

On one hand, advertisers tend to pay creators more for displaying non-skippable ads. On the other hand, they could end up being detrimental since audiences have grown used to being able to skip YouTube ads.

In an effort to not annoy audiences too much, YouTube has limited the length of non-skippable ads to 20 seconds. So it’s not like viewers will have to sit through minute-long ads in order to watch a video.

Previously, non-skippable ads could be up to 30 seconds in length, but YouTube put an end to that as of this year.

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YouTube to Roll Out Non-Skippable Ads to All Creators

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