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YouTube Super Thanks Rolls Out To All Monetized Channels

All creators in the YouTube Partner Program can now enable Super Thanks on their videos and earn more revenue.

A YouTube monetization tool called Super Thanks, which allows creators to make money directly from viewers, is now available to all eligible channels.

Following a successful test period, Super Thanks is rolling out to all creators in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

Previously known as “Viewer Applause,” Super Thanks is a way for viewers to support you and your content.

As a creator it enables you to earn even more revenue on videos, and you can activate it with just one click.

Viewers can buy Super Thanks on a video page as way to show support and appreciation.

Think of it like a donation or a tip for producing great content.

In return, viewers will get to post a colorful message that stands out in the comment section.

Here’s more about what YouTube Super Thanks is and how to activate it on your channel.

What Is YouTube Super Thanks?

Super Thanks is a feature that lets users support their favorite YouTube channels and provides creators with a new source of revenue.

Viewers can click a “Thanks” button while watching a video to buy a one time animation and send a personalized, colorful message to stand out in the comment section.

The cost of a Super Thanks is fully up to the viewer and how generous they’re feeling at the time. Creators keep 70% of the amount a viewer chooses to contribute.

Who Can Use Super Thanks?

Super Thanks is available for eligible creators in the YouTube Partner Program.

If you have the ability to run ads on your channel and earn money from them, you have the ability to activate Super Thanks.

How Do I Turn On Super Thanks?

Setting up Super Thanks is easy and only takes a few steps.

To set it up, go to YouTube Studio on desktop and select Monetization from the left-hand navigation menu.

Click the Supers tab where you’ll find Super Thanks with an on-off toggle.

When it’s turned on a Thanks button will automatically appear on all your existing and future videos.

How To Manage Super Thanks Comments

To manage and moderate your Super Thanks comments go to YouTube Studio on desktop and select Comments from the navigation menu on the left.

From there you can filter comments to see only the ones sent with Super Thanks.

You can review, reply to, or like the comments from your YouTube Studio dashboard.

If, for any reason, you need to delete a Super Thanks comment you can do that as well.

How To Review Super Thanks Revenue

You can view aggregate earnings from Super Thanks purchases in YouTube Studio.

Go to the Analytics section, then select Revenue.

Under Transaction Revenue you’ll see your total Super Thanks earnings.

You also have the option to view your earnings per video.

From the Content section select the video you want to check, then go to Analytics, then Revenue, then look for Super Thanks under “Transaction revenue.”

Source: Creator Insider
Featured Image: Sabrina Bracher/Shutterstock

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YouTube Super Thanks Rolls Out To All Monetized Channels

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