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Google Research: 55% of Consumers Use Videos for Purchase Decisions

Image of a man who is excited, presumably by the idea of marketing with YouTube influencers

Google research shows that 55% of consumers use online videos for shopping research. Google suggests that video marketing is a good way to reach consumers.

According to Google’s article:

“For more and more shoppers, video is becoming indispensable when they’re ready to buy. In fact, more than 55% of shoppers globally say they use online video while actually shopping in-store.”

Google listed three ways online video influences shoppers

1. Video as a Shopping List
People will refer to a video to be reminded of items they need to purchase, such as ingredients or tools they need to complete a project.

2. Gives People Confidence & Feel Informed
This is a reference to research on technical issues related to Your Money or Your Life, such as learning about automobile repairs and being able to approach a situation with more insight and knowledge.

3. Video Reviews Influence Purchase Decisions
Video reviews are product reviews. Do you use YouTube to watch product reviews? I certainly do.

Google Subtly Recommends YouTube Advertising

Somewhat predictably, Google’s article suggests using advertising to reach consumers:

“While shoppers love to watch authentic reviews from creators, there’s an important role for marketers to play as well. Think of ways your brand can show up to meet these in-the-moment needs, whether it’s through ads that spark ideas and inspiration or through more in-depth content to answer questions and help people along their path to purchase. Research-hungry shoppers may reward you with their business and their loyalty.”

YouTube Influencer Marketing

However there may be more Proactive ways to influence shoppers.

I’m an angler who watches YouTube fishing videos. So it was with great interest that in May 2019 I noticed two YouTube reviews of a relatively new kayak by Old Town, the Topwater PDL 120, a pedal drive kayak. It was introduced the previous summer in 2018.

Unboxing Video

The first video was produced by a YouTube creator named EliasVFishing. His YouTube channel has over 60,000 subscribers. EliasV is a highly trusted and authoritative voice in the angling community. His influence extends beyond fishing videos as his videos and product endorsements are referenced on fishing forums.

After watching that video, published in the last week of May 2019, the kayak went to the top of my fishing kayak wish list.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one whose interest in the Old Town kayak increased in May 2019.

The product was introduced in July 2018. The USA keyword volumes were boom and bust all the way up to the last week of May 2019 at which point in time the keyword search volume grew dramatically by 300%.

Here is a Google Trends view of the keyword searches for Old Town Topwater PDL 120. In it you can see cyclical bumps corresponding to three month intervals beginning with the introduction in July 2018, the week of September 30, 2018, the week of January 6, 2019 and so on.

Screenshot of Google Trends for the keywords Old Town Topwater PDL 120

Of course, video was not the only way Old Town got the message out. Kayak Angler Magazine published a review of that kayak at a similar time period.

Elias is a trusted voice in the angling world, one that I also respect. So in my opinion it was a good strategy on the part of Old Town to send him a kayak to review.

I don’t know for certain if the YouTube reviews affected the keyword volume. However, according to Google, YouTube is used by over 55% of consumers as part of their shopping decision making. If that is true, then marketing on YouTube makes sense.

Honesty and Authenticity

I believe that in anything you do online, honesty and authenticity is important. My conversion rates whether from affiliate links to link building outreach consistently rise whenever honesty and authenticity are a part of the process.

It may be that similar concepts of authenticity also plays a role in the success of a YouTube product review.

EliasV was careful to be honest about having received the kayak as part of a promotion in the unboxing video.

“They sent this over to me to try out. Part of the deal was I was going to have to do a basic unboxing review and it doesn’t have to be me saying “buy this kayak” “it’s great” “here’s the latest and greatest.”

I’m just gonna tell you the facts about the boat.”

EliasV recorded that three minute unboxing. Later he followed up with a more in depth 25 minute kayak review.

Old Town also sent a Topwater 120 kayak to another popular fishing blogger called Sea-Money, a young man who apparently earns a living video blogging about fishing. His YouTube channel has over 120,000 subscribers.

Sea-Money uploaded a video of himself unboxing the kayak, reaching 14,000 views.

Old Town recently sent Sea-Money another kayak, their new Predator PDL kayak. He uploaded the video on August 29th and within the last 24 hours it has experienced over 3,000 views.

Online Videos Influence Shopping Decisions

That videos can influence shopping is something to think about. According to Google’s research:

“People reference video in-store when they need to make that final call on which brand or product best suits their needs. The quantitative research showed us that more than half of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy…”

Read the Think With Google article:

3 Unexpected Ways Shoppers Turn to Video in the Store Aisle


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Google Research: 55% of Consumers Use Videos for Purchase Decisions

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