YouTube Redesign Calls for Video Search Engine Optimization Services

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Last week, YouTube rolled out several important changes to their video broadcasting platform.  Amongst the most important are the enhancement made to “channels”.  This enhancement allows users to assemble a list of their favorite channels, almost creating a comparable model to a cable network.  As there are billions of videos on YouTube (owned by parent company Google), oftentimes videos can slip through the cracks.  The demand for video search engine optimization (VSEO) services has dramatically emerged parallel to the surging demand for YouTube.

We have found that statistically, videos are 53 times more likely to receive first-page organic rankings than websites on popular search engines, including Google.  Implementing on-site optimization techniques similarly used on websites, there are a number of methods that can be used to optimize a video.

Here’s a look inside my top VSEO techniques:

3. Title text:  All videos include a title text, or headline.  Just as all websites do.  The purpose is to include the keyword that the video is ranking for.  For example, an up-and-coming artist may title their video “new release” in order to capture audiences searching for new release music videos.  Properly embedding these keywords in the title of the video will prove significant in searches.  Also be sure to leverage tags.  This also helps the search crawler navigate through the vast amount of videos to land on yours.

2. Keyword density:  Videos that include a brief description are sure to enjoy the rewards that stem from it.  Describing the video in 100 words and including 6-8 references to the keyword or keyword phrase within the text helps the search crawler find the video amongst the billions of other videos that are on YouTube.  Perhaps a popular automobile manufacturer wants to demo the driving capabilities of a new vehicle.  Describe the vehicle and make reference in the description.  It is important to not surpass 8 percent density as that is the absolute limit.

1.  Encourage Comments and Shares:  Almost considered real time linking, earn “votes” for your video and let YouTube know that your video contains rich content that is useful to others.  The more comments and shares the video amasses, the more authoritative the video becomes.  In on-site optimization the rule is “content is king”.  Establish credibility and prove the video returns value to the end-user.

The new layout of YouTube can easily let videos fall through the cracks if videos are not properly optimized.  Ensuring videos include the latest SEO tactics will enhance visibility, which, after all, is the objective.

Todd Bailey

Todd Bailey

Founder /Editor at pushStar Digital
Todd Bailey is the Founder/Editor of pushStar Digital. He works as Director of Search for Gen3 Marketing as well.
Todd Bailey
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  • Anthony P

    Excellent tips, Todd. As online opportunities arise, it’s important for businesses to completely “optimize” the occasion. YouTube is a tremendous marketing tool, and VSEO tactics align a business’ videos with target market queries. It’s beneficial for a business to have a marketing plan set once videos are set live, making links to YouTube videos available from main Web sites in addition to leveraging other social outlets (Twitter, Facebook, etc) to further promote awareness and authority.

  • Ydeveloper

    One more things to include in this list is to get the YouTube video influenced by other activities or it called, the sharing and getting inbound links for that video. If someone put huge efforts to create a video, then the facebook, twitter and other social medias are the great way of promoting. You can also building link for this video to the relevant sources. These are additional tips which is basically offside activities, as you nicely explained a necessary onside activities to promote video.

  • Alex Zagoumenov

    Thanks for the article, Todd! I did wonder if the new YouTube provides any additional opportunities for SEO. On another note, I recently wrote an article about SlideShare update and some of the features to pay attention to from the SEO standpoint. Overall, looks like bigger players are providing more and more opportunities for proper media asset categorization, which opens up opportunities for better SEO! Thanks again for the post!

  • Paul Wallace

    Love the fact that so many folks upload a video without even placing worthy titles or tags to help their SEO campaign. What good is having a YouTube channel with a link back to your site without dropping some keywords.

    Good read!

  • Topic Simple

    Good points. Its increasingly important to do this as more and more video flood into YouTube.

    Another thing to think about is adding captions to your videos – to allow those hard of hearing or those coming to your video from a different language – to understand your video better.

    Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do just that:

  • Vegau in Frederick MD

    Just how I like it, a “one-sheeter” that’s direct and highlights the main points. Thanks Todd. I also agree with Paul above…quite surprised at how little effort some people put in. Then again, that’s why opportunities exist for others!

  • Isabella

    Nice Article! YouTube videos are invisible to search engines so the title, descriptions and tags are important factors. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in views for my channel with simply updating the descriptions and titles with keywords.

  • Mark

    It all depends on the quality of the video doesn’t it? If the video is poor, viewers won’t go on to the site. And a link to a video on Youtube isn’t as good as the link to your site on the first page of Google as it’s an extra step. However if the video is good then that is marketing all by itself isn’t it?

  • Talha

    Its also a good idea to leave url of your site in the description of your videos.

    Similarly focus on your specific keywords to drive up keyword association.

  • Topper

    love the redesign, every site should have a video sitemap..