YouTube Optimization Tips – InVideo Programming

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YouTube Optimization Tips – InVideo Programming

YouTube InVideo Programming allows you to feature a video and a branding watermark across your entire YouTube channel. Why should you turn on InVideo Programming on your YouTube channel? It helps grow subscribers and increase video views across your channel.

Because you only have to setup one time to show on all your videos, its an easy way to quickly improve your channel. All channels in good standing can use YouTube InVideo programming.

Featured Video

The featured video text and video thumbnail show up in the bottom left corner of all your YouTube videos. If a viewer clicks on the featured video they will be sent to watch that video. By featuring one video you can focus attention on that video and increase views quickly.

Tip: Work with a popular YouTuber in your vertical to feature your video across their channel. By leveraging their viewers you can grow your channel quicker.

Featured Video

To feature a video across your entire channel go to  your YouTube dashboard / channel settings / InVideo programming, click feature a video. You can select the most recent upload, a video from your channel, or use a URL to point to any video on YouTube.


 Branding Watermark

You can add a branding watermark on all your videos. If someone is not subscribed to your channel, they will see a subscribe button as they mouse over the image. If they are already subscribed, they can click on the image to go to your channel page. Having lots of subscribers is one of the most important factors that YouTube wants you to focus on for over all channel health.

YouTube InVideo Programming Branding Watermark

To add a branding watermark go to your YouTube dashboard / channel settings / InVideo programming, click “Add a Watermark”. You’ll have to upload an image, I suggest using an image that is 800 x 800 pixels.


Track Performance with YouTube Analytics

To see how InVideo Programming is performing go to
Click on Annotations / Annotation type and you’ll see InVideo Programming in parenthesis.
You can view clicks, click through rate, closes, and close rate.

YouTube Analytics InVideo Programming

 Watch For Step-By-Step Instructions

Give it a try and feel free to post any questions you have!


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