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YouTube Introduces More Ways to Buy Masthead Ads

YouTube is experimenting with new ways for advertisers to buy masthead ads, which is the most prominent ad unit on the home feed.

A YouTube masthead ad is a video unit that appears at the top of the home feed on mobile and desktop.

Masthead ads are usually reserved by one advertiser per country per day.

YouTube is now offering the option for advertisers to buy masthead ads on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis.

In addition, advertisers can customize the audiences they want to see the ad.

The placement will remain as a reserved buy. Impressions will be guaranteed across campaign flights that can range from a single day and up to seven days.

YouTube emphasizes the unique benefits of masthead ads, saying watch time from content on the home feed has grown 10X in the last three years.

Masthead ads also have a significant impact on ad recall, YouTube says, with an average lift of 92%, and drive an average 46% lift in purchase intent.

“The added flexibility that CPM buying enables, combined with the appeal of the YouTube Home feed, means the potential impact of the Masthead has never been greater.”

YouTube offers a tool that companies can use to see what their content would look like as a masthead ad.

Here’s an example with one of SEJ’s videos:

The video initially autoplays without sound. When viewers click on the video they’ll be taken to the video on the advertiser’s channel.

Advertisers can customize the ad title, description, and the call-to-action button that appears next to the video.

Contact your Google sales team for more details on this ad placement.

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YouTube Introduces More Ways to Buy Masthead Ads

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