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YouTube Analytics Update: Impressions From New & Returning Viewers

YouTube introduces new impression insights, enabling channels to see a breakdown of new and returning viewers.

  • YouTube has introduced a new feature in Studio analytics that shows the number of impressions from new and returning viewers.
  • The new feature aims to help channels better understand their audience composition and reach.
  • You can use these insights to tailor your content strategy to cater to both new and returning viewers.

YouTube has introduced an update to its Studio analytics, providing creators with a new tool for understanding their audience.

The new feature lets you see the number of impressions broken out by new and returning viewers.

Insights Into Audience Composition

The update provides you with a clearer picture of your audience composition.

By analyzing the breakdown of new and returning viewers, you can better understand the reach and appeal of your content.

YouTube states in the announcement of the new feature:

“The goal is to help you better understand your audience so that you can adapt your content strategy if you choose to attract both new and returning viewers.”

Using Impression Data To Inform Content Strategy

The ability to compare impressions from new and returning viewers can create opportunities to reshape your content strategy.

For example, if you notice that a significant portion of impressions come from new viewers, you may choose to focus on content that attracts and engages new audiences.

Conversely, if returning viewers make up a large part of impressions, you might prioritize content that encourages viewer loyalty and retention.


The new feature is being rolled out and can be found in the YouTube Studio analytics in advanced mode.

As YouTube’s analytics evolve, you’ll be better equipped to understand and engage your audiences and create more loyalty with viewers.


How can the new YouTube Analytics feature aid channels in their content strategy?

The recently updated YouTube Analytics gives channels insight into their audience by segmenting impressions data into new and returning viewers.

This distinction allows you to:

  • Analyze the reach of videos and how well they resonate with different audience segments.
  • Identify content preferences between new and returning viewers.
  • Strategize on ways to enhance viewer retention and loyalty.
  • Adapt your content to attract new viewers if they comprise a considerable portion of impressions.

How should creators interpret a high number of impressions from new viewers on YouTube?

If you channel receives a high volume of impressions from new viewers, the data could suggest that:

  • Potential new subscribers are discovering your videos, indicating effective optimization for YouTube’s discovery features.
  • There’s an opportunity to convert these new viewers into subscribers with engaging and relevant content.
  • You may need to focus on nurturing these new viewers with more introductory or broadly appealing content to encourage them to become returning viewers.

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YouTube Analytics Update: Impressions From New & Returning Viewers

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