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YouTube Adding More Analytics Data About Views & Revenue

YouTube channels will soon have access to more granular data about revenue and video views.

YouTube is working on ways to give creators more data about video performance, including detailed reports about the sources of views and revenue.

In addition, YouTube plans to actively assist creators with generating new video ideas by adding reports on trending.

These features are previewed in a new video on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel, which offers a “sneak peak” at what the reports might look like when they’re available.

Some of the reports are actively being worked on, while others are in the idea stage.

Here’s more about the analytics data YouTube plans to roll out later this year.

Video Views Broken Down By Type

YouTube creators want more information about where their video views are coming from.

If you publish regular videos, post Shorts, and host livestreams, all the views are counted as a single metric in analytics reports.

YouTube is working on new reports showing an overview of different video formats and views generated by each type.

You’ll be able to see data on how many hours of video you uploaded, how many hours you streamed, how many views you received for each format, and more.

Screeenshot from, February 2022.

“We want to give you an overview of the different formats. So, for example, how much you uploaded and how much you live-streamed. Tell you about the views for each format, tell you about the overlap in audience between these different formats, and then let you dive into each format individually. So you can see the right analytics, whether it’s for regular videos or shorts or livestreams.”

Screeenshot from, February 2022.

Revenue Broken Down By Source

For creators eligible to monetize their videos, YouTube plans to add more data about the individual sources of revenue.

Revenue data will be broken down by type of video, and how the revenue was generated.

Screeenshot from, February 2022.

You’ll be able to see directly how much money you made from regular videos, versus shorts, versus livestreams.

In addition, YouTube is planning to add more data about the methods of monetization it offers.

The new revenue report will offer a more detailed look at memberships, tagged products, SuperChats, and all the different ways to make money on YouTube.

Screeenshot from, February 2022.

Helping Creators Find New Video Ideas

Another type of report YouTube is working on will provide data intended to help generate new video ideas.

YouTube recently launched an experimental tool showing the popularity of certain search terms and which video topics have a lack of content.

Screeenshot from, February 2022.

That tool will be expanded to show which topics are trending on YouTube and which videos are starting to grow in popularity with your audience.

In addition, the tool will provide ideas for new topics you can expand their audience with, and topics likely to resonate with your existing audience.

There’s no timeline for when any of these new features will roll out. YouTube plans to continue working on them throughout the year.


Featured Image: Diego Thomazini/Shutterstock

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YouTube Adding More Analytics Data About Views & Revenue

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