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Yahoo’s YPN Blog Needs Your Help

Yahoo’s YPN Blog Needs Your Help

The Yahoo Publisher Network’s blog, the YPN Blog, is looking for some reader and YPN member feedback on the direction of the blog and new topics readers would like to see explored at YPNBlog.

From the YPN Team:

The Yahoo! Publisher Network blog will only be successful if we’re helping you to be successful. To help reach that goal, today we’re asking for feedback on how the blog can better help you.

Have a particular topic you’d like us to explore in a given category? Let us know about it, as well as any suggestions for new categories. If you’d prefer not to leave your comments publicly, drop us a line. All ideas welcome.

Here’s what YPN has been cooking up on their blog of late:

Yahoo! Publisher Network and Yahoo! news, policies and policy changes; planned outages, etc.

Product updates & enhancements
News about new features, system upgrades, interface changes and so forth

How to use and get the most out of Yahoo! Publisher Network features, Yahoo! products and services, and third-party offerings

Publisher spotlights and interviews
Highlighting successful publishers who illustrate how you may achieve similar goals

Did you know?
Tips on Yahoo! Publisher Network features and Yahoo! services you might not know about

Guest columns
Industry leaders both from inside Yahoo! and from outside the company share their know-how

Industry news
Yahoo! and outside news and links of interest to publishers from around the media and the blogosphere

Industry events
Upcoming industry event news, as well as reports from current and past events

Personally, I’m as guilty as any party when it comes to not participating much on the YPN Blog, which is positioned to be more of an online community and idea exchange forum than a one sided blog, spitting out Yahoo propaganda. It is, in fact, an inclusive communications tool which is giving publishers and bloggers alike the voice to share their ideas and experiences as a monetization driven author with a world (or the North American continent) of like minded human beings who are experiencing the same joys and frustrations, the same ups and downs in their lives online.

Like most other active blogs in the sphere we call our second home, the YPN Blog has a beating heart and is backed by some very generous and thoughtful Yahoo’rs who are looking for constructive criticism on Yahoo Publisher Network and its contextual advertising model as much as they are enthralled to hear our stories and successes as publishers.

If you visit the YPN Blog you’ll notice a poll on the right hand side dubbed “What kinds of posts do you want to see on the blog?” Please take the time to visit the blog, take the poll, lend your comments, and even communicate directly with Yahoo. YPN, which is much more than just an advertising network, wants to work with bloggers and publishers to create a better product than their competition and a vibrant blog. Let’s take advantage of the situation and express our thoughts to Yahoo today.

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Yahoo’s YPN Blog Needs Your Help

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