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Yahoo’s & Flickr Introduce Cross Platform Social Sharing

Yahoo’s & Flickr Introduce Cross Platform Social Sharing

Yahoo’s social bookmarking network,, released a new informational connection system this week dubbed “your network“. At your network one can track the latest saved bookmarks of friends, and share one’s bookmarks with those same friends (consider it bookmark swapping) when clicking on their username.

Stephen at writes “Your network replaces the user subscriptions functionality previously offered by the “inbox”. If you had any existing user subscriptions in your inbox we automatically moved them over to your network, so you haven’t lost any connections you already had.”

Another new feature includes what may be the beginning of synergy between the Yahoo 2.0 family, as small integration with Flickr is added to the your network; “for all bookmarks pointing to pictures saved on Flickr, users will now see thumbnails of the pics without having to click on the links first.”

A spokesperson for Yahoo told the Search Engine Journal : “As part of Yahoo!’s continued development of social search tools, today’s additions introduce new ways for users to connect with others and share content.”

The social information sharing trend is the future of Yahoo Search, and do not be surprised that once, Flickr, and Upcoming complete information sharing, tagging, calendaring and other cross platform intregrational measures, for the channels of the sharing of web info to expand into the more predominant forms of Yahoo Media, including Yahoo Messenger & supplemental search results powered by Yahoo Answers and MyWeb.

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Yahoo’s & Flickr Introduce Cross Platform Social Sharing

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