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Yahoo Users Can Now Sign Up for Google Accounts With the Ease of OpenID

Yahoo users will now find it much easier to sign up for a Google account then before with the implementation of OpenID. With OpenID users can log in to multiple websites using just one existing account. It is an open, decentralized standard in which users can be authenticated to gain access to things like their various social media accounts with just one name.

In a post this morning from Google’s official blog, they point out that the process of creating a new account at a website can be a very lengthy and often times requires you to go to your email inbox, locate a verification email and click a link that redirects you back to the site you are trying to access and then doing whatever else that site is asking you to do before the registration process is complete. While this is not the case for ALL sites and the process does vary in steps, it does happen and Google admits that it has been a practice of theirs as well.

However, with the start of Yahoo email users, Google is allowing them to create accounts to begin the use of services such as Google Docs, Reader, Groups, etc. with OpenID. After users go through the initial registration page they will see a button that will take them to Yahoo to verify their info. The page will ask you to “agree” to signing into Google with your Yahoo ID, hit the button and you are all ready to start accessing Google services.

Google says they are hoping that other email providers will follow suit so they can expand this feature.

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Yahoo Users Can Now Sign Up for Google Accounts With the Ease of OpenID

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