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Yahoo to Shut Off Briefcase Online Storage Service

Quite frankly, I already forgot about Yahoo’s online storage service despite the fact that it was the first online storage service that I used way back ten years ago.  I’ve used it several times for sharing my scanned photos to my friends online. There was no Flickr back then, and the only way you could send images/photos is via email attachment. That’s why I was surprised to learn that Yahoo is finalyl shutting it down come March 30th. It’s not that I was sad that it was closing but rather I was taken back knowing the fact that it still exists.

Anyway, as announced, Yahoo briefcase will be shut down by March 10, after 10 years of just being in the sideline. Interestingly, maybe even Yahoo might have forgotten this service as it still offers the same old 30MB storage limit, in this day of GB and TB storage capacity. User are given until March 30 to remove their important files in Yahoo Briefcase or lose their files forever as Yahoo will delete them.

And Yahoo’s reason for discontinuing Briefcase? Yahoo says users have outgrown it. In short, the usage of the service is very low. This is understable since there are far more better services which offer bigger storage capacity than Yahoo Briefcase. And given this trying times, it is not practical for Yahoo to continue running it.

This development comes hot on the heels of the rumor that Google is set to launch its own file storage service, the GDrive, and Microsoft beefing up its Live Mesh service which are both simply Yahoo Briefcase done in the present time and standards for online service. It would have been a better springboard for Yahoo to develop a new file storage service that is attune with the sign of the times. But then, economic hardships is taking its toll on Yahoo, and keeping the service alive has become impractical.

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Yahoo to Shut Off Briefcase Online Storage Service

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