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Yahoo Software Will Work on Rival Google’s Mobile Programs

This week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Yahoo revealed that they will provide software that allows independent developers and companies build programs for phones, including those that run Google’s new Android operating software for wireless mobile devices.  Instead of ignoring their search rival’s operating system, Yahoo is embracing it and aims to make sure that their software will work with Google’s Android platform.

On Monday, executive VP Marco Boerries said, “Once it becomes reality, meaning we find devices that ship with it, we’re going to make sure that Yahoo services [run on Android]. It is one of many operating systems that we support.”

Boerries said that phone carriers will be holding Google accountable to their promise to give users equal access to services from competitors.  Those who use wireless devices running Android should be able to access not only email, maps, and other services from Google, but also their rivals Yahoo, Microsoft, and others.  In making sure that their software will work with the Android operating system, as well as others, Yahoo is covering all their bases and making sure that they won’t miss out on an opportunity to get their name, services, and software on as many mobile devices as possible.

In November 2007, Google revealed that they are working with 33 companies on Android, including Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA, and Motorola.  This group of companies calls themselves the Open Handset Alliance, and will offer free software for programmers that want to develop features for the devices.

According to EMarketer Inc, a NYC research firm, the global mobile phone advertising market will surge tenfold to $16.2 billion by 2011.  Everyone wants to get a piece of that pie, including Yahoo, who have introduced an upgraded mobile home page and a new version of their Yahoo Go software in order to capitalize on that growth.

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Yahoo Software Will Work on Rival Google’s Mobile Programs

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