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Yahoo Search & Google Changes Bring Reviews

Search Engine enthusiasts and Internet Marketers sounded off today on their views about the changes at Yahoo Search- specifically the decision by Yahoo to stop serving Google search results and introduce their new Inktomi powered Yahoo Search Engine.

Like both Google and Yahoo, but Nice to See A Change

“I think its great to see Yahoo using blended Inktomi results. Google has been a dominent player for a while and with this switch, search will get more interesting. It still remains to be seen what exactly in the near future will happen with these Inktomi results and Yahoo.”

Stacie Wheely, SEO Specialist, Internet Marketing

Presentation and Functionality

“I’d like to see a ‘cleaner,’ easier-to-read results page. With the categories, sponsored results, top 20 web results and sponsored links all crammed at the top of the page, a user has to look hard to see what’s most relevant. Google’s results page is much easier on the eye.

I like the way Yahoo numbers all of its results.

The ‘Yellow Pages’ feature doesn’t always seem to provide relevant results for search queries, and the results are very limited. Google’s ‘Search by Location’ is a much more robust application and provides more comprehensive, relevant results.”

Amy Engler, Webmaster, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

About Changes in Search Engine Rankings after the Intro of Yahoo Search:

“I checked 5 web sites. There were only slight differences with some improvement.”

Patrick Joseph Morgan InfoKwik Internet Solutions

“I think the new Yahoo index is absolutely brilliant. I have a network of sites all targeting different key phrases, on Google they are nowhere to be seen, but on the new Yahoo index I have five first page listings.

I dont use spammy tactics or anything dodgy, just nicely made pages with proper Meta’s and lots of lovely content. Its better than Christmas, thanks Yahoo- I am one very happy webmonkey.”


“Our small web business is very pleased with the new results on Yahoo. The last two months have been more than a little frustrating with Google’s constant changes. We have spent months optimizing a network of sites only to find many of them appear and then the next day disappear from Google’s top rankings.

It’s great to have more competition in the search engine wars. Looks like the new Yahoo will be a viable player.”

Big Blue Robot

About Yahoo Search Introducing a New Paid Inclusion Program:

While I am, frankly, glad that there is now some diversity in the area of search (and we’re no longer required to “put all our eggs in one basket”, my biggest concern with Yahoo’s future would be relevancy.

To be honest, I think the Yahoo’s current crawler just doesn’t seem to have the robustness of Google’s in terms of actively crawling the web. Being an Internet Merchant, I am particularly sensitive that our content gets crawled often, as we add to it almost everyday.

Further confusing things (at least for us) is the lack of communication as to any new submission methods. Does using Inktomi’s PFI [Paid For Inclusion] guarantee inclusion in Yahoo’s search? Will Yahoo be instituting an alternate method of PFI? Are sites listed in the directory given a boost in the algo?

All the above will (of course) will affect the direct we take with our marketing dollars. Why spend thousands on PFI with INK if Yahoo will be launching an alternate service?

Erik A Olsen,

To answer Erik’s question, yes Yahoo will be introducing a new and separate version of Paid Inclusion into the new Yahoo Search Index.

Would you like to add your thoughts on the New Yahoo Search? Please Leave a Comment Below.

Special thanks to Search Engine Journal Subscriber and to Jill Whalen & the HighRankings Forum

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Yahoo Search & Google Changes Bring Reviews

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