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Yahoo Publisher Network Responds on Quality & Cancelled Accounts

Yahoo Publisher Network Responds on Quality & Cancelled Accounts

Willan Johnson, Vice President and General Manager of the Yahoo Publisher Network has responded to recent complaints and reports of YPN canceling the advertising accounts of member publishers who are not meeting YPN Guidelines.

Reasons for the closing of most accounts seems to be because of too much International Traffic (the bulk of YPN ads are only being served via North American advertisers and not intended for users outside of the continent) and too much non-converting low quality traffic.

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Yahoo! Publisher Network is still an invite-only beta program. As such, we’re constantly refining the procedures and policies that will help maintain a quality network for our publishers and advertisers. And we won’t release the product to the general publishing community until we are able to serve our constituent’s needs well.

This is a learning experience for everyone, one of the main concerns for our 100,000-plus advertisers who participate is the quality of traffic they receive. For advertisers, we need to consider the source of traffic, the site content, click activity, and the overall quality of leads generated for our advertisers.

As publishers you are also concerned with quality – the quality and relevance of the ads you receive and how well they monetize on your sites.

YPN is off to a bit of a slow start, or at least slower than most contextual ad companies, but in my opinion with good intention. If they grow at the rate of their competition, with their smaller advertiser base, the value of their click thru ads will drop – which is bad for Yahoo and the publishers serving the ads. The closer grip they keep on the quality of the sites serving their ads, the better their network will perform in the long run.

With complaints on the devaluation of Google AdSense floating around, keeping YPN ads off of splogs, MySpace spammers, and questionable sites seems like it should be an effective approach to keeping Yahoo’s advertisers and publishers happy.

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Yahoo Publisher Network Responds on Quality & Cancelled Accounts

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