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Yahoo Publisher Network Direct Deposit : Quick Payments

Yahoo Publisher Network Direct Deposit : Quick Payments

Yahoo Publisher Network has added the option for publishers of their contextual targeted ‘search’ advertising system to receive payment via direct deposit. By selecting the direct deposit option, publishers will receive their Yahoo earnings 10 to 15 days faster than before with deposits to bank accounts occurring on the 25th of each month.

For all new publishers which are invited to join the Yahoo Publisher Network, direct deposit will be the default payment method selected in the YPN Publishing Center admin.

Yahoo Publisher Network, which currently has over 2,000 quality publishers beta testing their US based network, now offers publisher earnings payment by check, direct deposit or balance transfer of funds into the Yahoo Search Marketing accounts of publishers who are also Yahoo advertisers.

Yahoo Publisher Network will be using its Portal Alerts messaging system and emails to notify publishers whenever a validation or payment failure occurs.

I spoke with Will Johnson, GM/VP of YPN, and Product Manager Carolina Toro yesterday and they also told Search Engine Journal that along with the addition of the direct deposit option, YPN is also offering a Tax Withholding option for publishers.

Additionally, here is a rundown of the changes made to the YPN system this year:, a resource for publishers (April)
  Reporting Enhancements. Publishers now have the ability to edit and delete Reporting Categories, URL’s, Permalinks (March)
  Calendar windows for all the date fields. When publishers are looking to select a date range, they can click on a calendar icon to view the dates they wish to select. (March)
  New messaging feature delivers personalized account tips and information in addition to announcements and notifications about our beta. (March)
  Updates to content tab such as link to Yahoo! Developer Network (Feb)

Expect Yahoo Publisher Network to continue to grow their amount of quality publishers, enhance their current system, and rollout YPN for two or three major other regions outside of North America before the end of the year.

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Yahoo Publisher Network Direct Deposit : Quick Payments

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