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Yahoo Protester Redirects Traffic to Amnesty International

Yahoo Protester Redirects Traffic to Amnesty International

Philipp Lessen, who has be keeping a wonderful account of the controversies surrounding doing business in China on his Google Blogoscoped blog, has a write up on a blogger who is using a simple, yet possibly effective form of protest against one search company.

By using a JavaScript, is redirecting referred traffic coming from Yahoo to Amnesty International. The Amnesty International page details Yahoo & the recent news of Yahoo having to open its Yahoo Mail China centers to Chinese authorities who were prosecuting a Chinese journalist for the illegal online distribution of government information. There are a thousand twists on this story, as there are just about every censorship or business story which comes out of China, so I’m not going to get into the details or politics on this post.

While being an innovative protest idea, if you’re thinking of doing the same on your own site be forewarned that search engines have a tendency to kick sites performing such redirects out of their indexes as it is a spam technique used to deliver searchers to sites they did not intend on finding via that search engine (old school search spam sites used to use a similar technique to direct users to porn or popup sites).

Philipp says that as an example, try searching for “no fat clips” on Yahoo and clicking on the top result, which is the Dekku blog. You should then be redirected to Amnesty International. I wonder if Yahoo will respond to this and alter the blog’s inclusion in their index.

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Yahoo Protester Redirects Traffic to Amnesty International

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