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Yahoo Elaborates on More of Their New Search Enhancements

In the wake of Yahoo’s announcement that they would be releasing new search enhancement features in the coming weeks, today and yesterday they announced on their blog they expanded on two of the enhanced featured. First up is web search for mobile phones. Honing in on the most pertinent information for mobile web users, i.e. local business listings, entertainment, videos, stock information and images, the new Yahoo mobile search experience is a more streamlined approach. iPhone users in the U.S. and Android 2.x users will be directed to the new Yahoo search product when they search from

The second enhancement was elaborated on today – images. Within Yahoo Image Search results there is now a slide show feature that allows you to view images in ‘theater mode”. Also, public albums from Facebook contacts can be found with “Facebook Album Search beta”. Users just need to connect their Yahoo and FB accounts and they will then be able to view all public albums.

Product manager Anuj Sahai closes out the blog post by saying “this is just the start of enhancements we plan to bring you on Yahoo! Search. So stayed tuned for lots of exciting stuff coming your way.”

Do you think these new “enhancements” will help Yahoo stay relevant amongst all the new products that Google is coming out with?

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Yahoo Elaborates on More of Their New Search Enhancements

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