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Yahoo Mail Beta Adds News Home Page, Events & Calendar

Yahoo Mail Beta Adds News Home Page, Events & Calendar

Yahoo Mail has updated its email interface and start page with a new Yahoo Mail Home Page complete with top Yahoo News Stories, Advertising, Mail & News tips, along with marketing of internal offerings.

The new Yahoo Mail Home area extends the offerings of the successful My Yahoo start page into Mail, which is usually the number one or two reason people log onto the Internet. The obvious marriage between News and Mail is logical, as users have tendency to check both in the mornings or post lunch.

Interestingly enough however is the lack of a Yahoo Search box in the Yahoo Mail Home section. A search box is somewhat hidden at the top right hand corner of the screen, but one might think that integrating Yahoo Search Technology into the morning coffee, News, and Mail ritual would somehow attract more users into the Yahoo search engine.

Regardless, the new Yahoo Mail homepage is a perfect addition to the Yahoo Mail Beta offering, which rewrites the entire Yahoo Mail experience into a 2.0-esque RSS Feed, Event and Calendar integrated offering.

And for an awesome overview of Yahoo Mail Beta, check out

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Yahoo Mail Beta Adds News Home Page, Events & Calendar

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