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Yahoo Local Running Ingenio Pay Per Call?

Yahoo Local Running Ingenio Pay Per Call?

Here’s a hot scoop about Yahoo from a post on the Search Engine Watch forums. Seems a member of the forums was doing some searches on Yahoo Local and noticed something different about the sponsored links. Yahoo Local (US based) was running some Pay Per Call advertising which appeared to be served via Ingenio (which also serves Pay Per Call via AOL and

The SEW Forums member, Webvisitor, then called Ingenio, where their phone rep (according to ‘Webvisitor’) leaked information that indeed Ingenio is testing Pay Per Call with Yahoo and this is just a testing phase.

One of the beautiful aspects of pay per call advertising is that small business owners who are not used to setting up web sites or traditional paid search campaigns can easily manage paid search via Ingenio as the merchant only pays for every incoming call, not each click.

No comment from Ingenio yet on the rumored testing of its Pay Per Call on Yahoo but this would be a high profile grab for Ingenio, which is setting the pace for seach oriented PPCall advertising. Yahoo Search Marketing has been trying to find a way to offer a more appealing service to local advertisers, and in my humble opinion, LocalMatch doesn’t cut the mustard as a total local search advertising solution. Add Ingenio into the mix, and Yahoo Local has a much more complete offering.

By the way, wouldn’t Ingenio, with its Pay Per Call advertising network and current relationship with AOL and Interchange be a perfect aquisition for Yahoo Search Marketing?

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Yahoo Local Running Ingenio Pay Per Call?

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