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Yahoo Finance Message Boards Beta Goes Social

Yahoo Finance Message Boards Beta Goes Social

We touched a bit upon the addition of User Ratings to the Yahoo Finance Message Boards earlier today but now had a chance to check out all of the features which have been added to Message Boards Beta – especially RSS feeds of the goings on in the forums.

Here’s a list of What’s New at Yahoo Finance Message Boards from the Message Boards Beta Blog (say that three times fast) :

* Messages are organized into “Topics,” with an original post plus all of its replies.
* You can read topics in one of six views. To find the one you like, click the Simple, Summary, Expanded, Msg List, and Threaded links just above the messages within the topic you are reading.
* All messages can be given a quality rating.
* You can filter out messages you don’t want to see by using the minimum rating feature when browsing topics within a board or reading the messages within a topic.
* You can track any board using My Yahoo! or your own RSS reader. Just use the RSS and Add to My Yahoo! buttons below the list of topics.
* You can express yourself by displaying your Yahoo! Avatar with your posts. You can control how your avatar is displayed in Message Boards Settings.
* You can search messages or topics by author or keyword and restrict those queries to specific message boards. Display all messages or only topics. It’s your choice.

Yes, sounds like social media & community to me, the driving force behind Yahoo and its hundreds of millions of active registered users.

One of those users, a Mr. Andy Beal, comments on how easy it is to keep track of his stocks and competition now with the RSS addition from Yahoo:

Now I don’t even have to visit the site, thanks to Yahoo’s launch of Message Boards Beta, complete with RSS feeds so you can subscribe to the conversation.

For those of you wanting to keep an eye on what is being discussed about your publicly-traded company or your competitors’, the addition of RSS is welcomed.

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Yahoo Finance Message Boards Beta Goes Social

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