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Yahoo Blog Search Desktop Application

Yahoo Blog Search Desktop Application

Yahoo integrated Yahoo Blog Search into its Yahoo News results weeks ago, but has not introduced an independent blog search product outisde of its Yahoo News listings. Duncan from BlogHerald found a release about Yahoo possibly licensing its blog search technology to third parties. The following is from a release from Bingo Bango software about integrated “Yahoo! Blog Search” in their blogging client.

Bingo Bango Software Inc. announced the release of Elicit 1.1.3 which is the first desktop blog client to integrate Yahoo’s Blog Search for the purpose of helping bloggers create and find content from the blogsphere.

“Discovering what other bloggers are talking about is an essential part of being a successful blogger,” said Eric Griffin, CEO of Bingo Bango Software, Inc. “With the integration of Yahoo Blog Search in Elicit; bloggers can search other blogs while they are writing for their blog.”

Yahoo Blog Search is integrated as an Elicit “docklet.” The Yahoo Blog Search docklet is a floating dockable window whose content can be dragged and dropped into Elicit’s blog entry editor. The blogger never has to leave Elicit to access Yahoo Blog Search.

The Yahoo Blog Search docklet joins the Technorati and Google Blog Search docklets already within Elicit to provide an unprecedented level of access, in one blog client, to the pulse of the blogsphere.

Not sure if Yahoo is licensing their Blog Search or if Bingo Bango is simply using the same access to the Yahoo Blog Search index and results that we covered the other week. For a refresher, just copy and paste this code into your web site and you too can offer Yahoo Blog Search:

<form action=”” method=”get”>
<input type=”text” name=”p”/>
<input type=”submit” value=”Search Blogs”/>

Update : Here’s a flash presentation on how Bingo Bango has hacked Yahoo Blog Search into their app. I wonder how Yahoo feels about this since Bingo Bango is offering their Elicit app for $30 a pop with the Yahoo Blog Search access selling point.

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Yahoo Blog Search Desktop Application

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