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Yahoo Beefs Up DSL Video Offerings with CinemaNow Partnership

Subscribers to Yahoo’s SBC DSL service will now be able to watch movies online while paying a simple one time fee thanks to a partnership with CinemaNow and SBC Internet Services. CinemaNow Inc., an IP-based video-on-demand distribution and technology company, today announced it has entered into an agreement with SBC Internet Services (SBCIS) to offer a customized version of CinemaNow’s video-on-demand Web site exclusively to SBC Yahoo! DSL members.

Under terms of the agreement, CinemaNow and SBCIS will promote their respective services to each other’s customers, and for a limited time, SBC Yahoo! DSL members will be able to purchase their first pay-per-view on CinemaNow at the discounted rate of $0.98. That’s much cheaper than a run to the local video store.

The agreement brings together the resources of two of the leaders in the broadband marketplace. SBC Communications Inc., through its Internet and data services affiliates, is the nation’s top provider of high-speed DSL Internet access. CinemaNow is a pioneer in Internet-based video-on-demand, and its Web site has become the leading destination for the authorized downloading and streaming of feature films on the Internet.

“We are committed to bringing SBC Yahoo! DSL subscribers the most choices when it comes to valuable services such as video-on-demand,” said Tyler Wallis, executive director, SBC Data, Wireless and Video Marketing. “The association with CinemaNow provides our subscribers with greater access to a large library of titles and unique service options in an easily accessible and high-quality format.”

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Yahoo Beefs Up DSL Video Offerings with CinemaNow Partnership

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