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Yahoo Babel Fish Translation Tool

Yahoo Babel Fish Translation Tool

Just when I almost forgot that Yahoo owns Altavista, Yahoo goes and integrates one of the only reasons I still visit Altavista into Yahoo; Babel Fish.

Now branded Yahoo Babel Fish (with a big Advil expanding ad next to the translation tool which is great targeting as I have a splitting headache), Yahoo is also adding their site and text translation tool into the Yahoo Toolbar.

Barry Schwartz quotes on SEW Blog :

You can translate a block of text up to 150 words and conduct a search based on translated text. Users can also enter any URL into a “Translate a Web Page” box to convert the text of an entire Web page. In both instances, users select from an extensive list of 38 language pair choices. In addition, Babel Fish one click translation is available through the a button that can be added to the Yahoo! Toolbar.”

Publishers can also add Babel Fish translation to their sites. From Yahoo:

Adding Babel Fish Translation to your site is free and easy. Simply choose the tool (or tools) you want for your site, click the “I want this one!” button, then copy and paste the single line of code into your page. Take your pick from two powerful tools.

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Yahoo Babel Fish Translation Tool

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