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Yahoo and RIM Bring Yahoo Messenger to BlackBerry

Yahoo and RIM Bring Yahoo Messenger to BlackBerry

Yahoo and Research In Motion, a global wireless solutions firm, announced that they will be providing a service which will give BlackBerry users access to Yahoo Messenger. Under the partnership, Yahoo and Research In Motion will pre-install color Yahoo Messenger software on BlackBerry devices in the coming months. This new agreement reinforces Yahoo’s strategy of extending its core services beyond the desktop and into the mobile frontier.

Last week Yahoo also announced on the Yahoo Search Blog that wireless users can subscribe to their My.Yahoo RSS feeds for mobile aggregation. The Yahoo Messenger service on the BlackBerry platform will allow consumers to see which friends are online, send and receive instant messages, have multiple conversations at once, and participate in online conferences. Users can also currently access Yahoo Mobile Internet, including Search, Yahoo News and Yahoo Sports on BlackBerry devices.

“We are excited to extend the Yahoo! experience to millions of BlackBerry users around the world,” said Doug Garland, senior vice president, Yahoo! Mobile. “Yahoo! has become an essential part of the lives of millions of its users and by bringing the services they love to these great mobile devices we are making it easier for people to communicate however they want, anywhere, anytime.”

“BlackBerry provides optimized messaging capabilities with its popular keyboards, largescreens, intuitive navigation and push-based connectivity,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion. “Through our relationship with Yahoo!, BlackBerry users will enjoy another powerful communications option to keep them connected while away from their desk.”

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Yahoo and RIM Bring Yahoo Messenger to BlackBerry

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