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My Yahoo Mobile RSS – It’s a Big Thing

My Yahoo Mobile RSS – It’s a Big Thing

Yesterday Yahoo! announced at the Yahoo! Search blog that they released My Yahoo! Mobile RSS. For some reason, I have not yet found any forum threads on it, not even at WebmasterWorld. In my opinion, this is a big deal and forums should be discussing it.

From the YSearchBlog:

To see your My Yahoo! subscriptions, enter the above URL in your phone’s WAP 2.0 minibrowser and navigate down to the News link. From there click on My Headlines, log in with your Yahoo! ID and all the RSS headlines that you’ve added to your My Yahoo! page are listed, ready to be read on the go. Clicking on the individual feed links will let you read a summary of the stories (about 1024 characters, which is actually more than appears on the My Yahoo! Web version) and if you’ve got a phone which has a browser that supports full HTML web pages, each of the headlines will be live links to the original article. Simple and easy.

The key to this new service is accessibility. What we wanted to do is get a mobile version of My Yahoo! out there that works on millions of phones, right this second. No installation required and you don’t need a smart phone, third-party browser or a custom Java client to use it. RSS feeds on a mobile phone is a no brainer, and using the phone’s built in minibrowser is really the best way to deliver them. If you’ve got a late-model phone, you can check out your feeds right now with a minimum of fuss.

Many of the top executives believe that mobile is the future of search and computing. I believe Bloglines has a mobile option. I can easily see myself getting more accustomed to the mobile Web. A friend of mine was in a cell phone store and the people behind the counter were all giddy about this new phone that came in.

It was the first GPS enabled phone for a certain provider. He told me that they were discussing how this is the future of the wireless industry. I replied to him, that this is the future to how we live our lives.

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Columnist Barry Schwartz is the Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and President of RustyBrick, Inc., a Web services firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales.

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My Yahoo Mobile RSS – It’s a Big Thing

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