Yahoo and MSN Prove Competition for Google

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Early this morning, right after the witching hour, Yahoo pulled the trigger and dropped Google search results from their Yahoo Search function. The move was expected by many in the search industry, especially after Yahoo bought out the Inktomi search engine and Overture Search Advertising last year. Around the same time, MSN expanded their new NewsBot across the International search borders, expanding their service to South America and Asia. Around the same time, Google announced that their index now includes 6 BILLION web pages and documents.

It’s been a busy 24 hours in the search engine world.

In an interview with Reuters News Service yesterday, “There’s a new level of competition and we need to take it seriously,” Brin added “We’re definitely seeing much more attention going to search from Microsoft and Yahoo.”

According to a OneStat survey, Google was BY FAR the #1 Search property in 2003:

However, yesterday a comScore study showed that Google is far behind other web properties when it comes to site users and visitors. The study showed the amount of web users and the Internet properties visited. According to the study, in January, the total U.S. Internet population totaled 152.4 million users who spent an average of 28.9 hours online, an increase of 5 percent versus

The top five web properties were:

Yahoo Portal : 110,821,000 users
MSN (and Microsoft Sites) : 109,113,000
Time Warner Network (AOL): 107,977,000
eBay: 72,561,000
Google: 60,463,000

Yahoo and MSN almost doubled Google’s traffic in January- showing the power that portals provide. Take away Google branding from Yahoo results, give MSN a grand search function, and that’s trouble for Google. Given such conditions, no wonder Google (still the #1 search engine) is making an extra effort to portalize itself with Groups, News, Images, Email (rumored to be in the works) and, of course, Orkut Social Network.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Do you think Google will grow and prevail?

  • Vui Lo

    So Google is transforming itself into another Yahoo? Why? I think what we need is more specialized services like Google Search not more one-size-fit-all portals (like Yahoo). There are still many areas that need to be improved on search and the presentation part of the results.

  • quazzy

    The greatest mistake Google could make would be to turn yahoo and go after all those portal things… This wold screw up their business model completely…

  • Douglas

    I wonder how many of these visits are from users who never change their new browser window preferences, so that MSN or Yahoo get a ‘visit’ just because someone opened a new window to go somewhere else.

  • Ray Maxon

    The “new’ search engine results from Yahoo are very poor. It is obvious based on the searching that I did that much of the information is dated/old content. The content returned did not even match the query in many cases. Hopefully Google will stop playing with their search criteria to slow SEO’s and return to what they do best, provide high quality search results.

  • Throw Down

    When over 30 million AOL/Yahoo users turn on their machines they claim a hit. Their information is flawed. Google is straight forward, not loaded w/trojans and adys.

    GO Google, Go Google, Go Google.

  • Robinder

    The only reason I go to yahoo is for email, so if google adds email, no more ugly yahoo for me, yay!

  • bigrob

    i hope people are seriously not migrating to msn search engine. they block competitors websites from coming up in engine. just try msn search for xfree86 – it says adult cotent likely but if you just try xfree87 it doesn’t say that. so, they have specifically blocked searches for ‘xfree86’ on purpose.