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Yahoo and CBS Bringing 60 Minutes Online

Yahoo and CBS Bringing 60 Minutes Online

Yahoo and CBS have agreed to bring interactive content and video segments to millions of Yahoo users, especially younger ones. The partnership will include a Yahoo 60 Minutes microsite with interactive maps, photo galleries and reporter blogs… no word on if Andy Rooney will join the Yahoo 60 Minutes crew or not (hopefully not).

Zachary Rodgers at ClickZ writes:

The new 60 Minutes microsite on Yahoo! will feature two news packages per week. The first will expand on a segment featured during the show’s broadcast. The second will involve a “topical news theme.” The microsite will be updated every Sunday night following the show’s regular airing.

Budde said crew members will join the 60 Minutes set with an eye toward developing video elements for Yahoo! and making the show more “online-aware.”

“This is the first wave of a different approach we’re taking with partners,” he told ClickZ News. “Traditionally, we’ve licensed content… that already exists and we repurpose online. In addition to that, [a new focus] is to look for partners who want to do things together — unique online content that plays with their brands… and ties in with our audience and community and technology.”

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Yahoo and CBS Bringing 60 Minutes Online

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