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Worth $299 Per Year to Join Yahoo Directory?

Yahoo Directory is considered the creme de la creme in the human edited directory and search field, and is one of the major authority listings I (and many other SEO’s) routinely tell clients and readers to join.

A link from the Yahoo Directory is usually of high value because it :

  • May assist with Yahoo Search rankings themselves
  • Yahoo driven co citation & linking helps engines classify the theme of your site and sites it should be lsited with
  • And let’s face it, Yahoo Directory is one of the trusted building blocks of the web by Google and other search engines, so the authority is top notch.

Along with Best of the Web, and DMOZ, Yahoo has always been on the top of many directory submit lists because of its authority and power linking.

But if your site already has decent search rankings, is that $299 a year still worth it?

[This should be a no brainer for large businesses and mega publishers, but for smaller publishers, that fee can add up]

A forum member asks over on Digital Point :

I have a site which is 2 years old and indexed in Yahoo and take even some first position there. Should I submit my web to Yahoo directory or not?

Surprisingly, the results are mixed. Some saying to go ahead and bite the bullet, while others are telling them to save their $299 for other link building and marketing services.

What are your thoughts?

Is paying $299 a year to Yahoo to list your site in their directory still worth it or not? Or is this Dinosaur SEO?

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Worth $299 Per Year to Join Yahoo Directory?

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