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Co citation & SEO Linking

Co citation & SEO Linking

Jim Boykin has a rather nice go over with Co citation, which is a way some search engines measure a site’s categorical niche popularity among other sites which are associated in the same link groupings.

Jim points to this definition found on

Bibliographic Co-Citation is a popular similarity measure used to establish a subject similarity between two items. If A and B are both cited by C, they may be said to be related to one another, even though they don’t directly reference each other. If A and B are both cited by many other items, they have a stronger relationship. The more items they are cited by, the stronger their relationship is.

And for all of the laymen like me in the SEO industry (or search engine industry), Jim gives some fine explanations of how buying links on pages with randomly placed link advertisers can lead to your site becoming Co associated with sex, drugs & gambling : possibly not the best site clusters to be hanging around.

According to Jim, the more Co citation going on in the search indexes, the more important your targeted directory listings become.

Additionally, for an even simpler definition of Co citation,just click on the “Similar pages” link next to your site listing in the Google SERPS.

Yea…it’s that that “Similar pages” link next to the “Cached” link (You can also search in Google using the Related command (

You ever wonder what those Similar Sites are? That’s your co citation! That means that the web pages that link to you, tend to link to those sites as well. More often than not, the top ranked sites have good co citation (related sites as their “Similar Pages”).

Kind of interesting really to check out how Google is classifying sites.

* For example, if I look at the Co citation of Blog Search Engine I see that Google is classifying it as a blog directory, and not search engine (see Technorati or Ice Rocket on the list?).

* And a look at Search Engine Journal shows accurate citation with other search engine news sites and search blogs

So, how’s your Co citation?

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Co citation & SEO Linking

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