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WorkZoo Delivers Job Search Engine for Webmasters

WorkZoo this week launched a free service for web site owners who want to provide career content for their visitors. WorkZoo’s job search engine now integrates seamlessly with any web site to provide job search results from the worlds largest job sites. WorkZoo also provides detailed job search statistics and search results.

Several web sites have already integrated WorkZoo’s search into their content. Users include vertical portals, bloggers and site owners who want to add a job search engine to their portfolio of sites. According to Stephen Harris, webmaster of, “By providing WorkZoo on my JobStuff blog, I am providing my readers with a great service in helping them find the job that is right for them. WorkZoo makes it quick and easy to implement.”

WorkZoo provides job summary information in their search results. An external link to the source job site is provided where full contact information for each job is available. WorkZoo currently searches the 20 largest job sites in the world with plans to expand to more than 50 job sites by year end. The company is incorporated in California with full contact details available on their web site.

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WorkZoo Delivers Job Search Engine for Webmasters

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