Working Out Your Conversion Funnel Dilemma

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Imagine this scenario: You have a thoroughly planned and well-designed website, an effective search engine marketing campaign, and then your website generates huge traffic. However, your conversion funnel is going down the drain. Don’t fuss! There are various ways on how you can resolve your conversion funnel dilemma.

Take Advantage of Funnel Visualization

It will be a good idea to set up funnel visualization on your Google Analytics, as it will help you know where users are dropping off from your website. Other than knowing when people leave, this feature will give you an insight as to why your visitors go away. If you don’t have funnel visualization on your Google Analytics yet, it’s time that you set up one now.

Study Your Lead Forms

Check out your lead form and analyze which field of it will be unnecessary. You should always bear in mind that submitting to many forms can be annoying for your potential customers. Therefore, check whether you can trim down your forms to make the process simpler.

Test Your Page

Ask your relatives or friends to test your page. Allow them to go through the conversion process, and inform them what you want your visitors to accomplish. Take note how long it takes for them to finish the whole process and listen to their feedback.

You should also take your website’s error logs and load speed into account to make sure that technical issues aren’t the reason your conversion funnel is flunking. That way, you’ll know when your conversion funnel needs a revamp.

Retarget Your Visitors

It’s okay if people are dropping off your website. After all, not every site visitor actually converts and undergoes the purchasing process. However, you have to do something to bring them back. If you collect your visitors’ contact information early on, send them a follow-up message and encourage them to return. Convince them to make a purchase on your website by giving them a discount code or free shipping.

Build Trust with Your Customer

You need an accessible customer service in order to build trust with your customers. Displaying a logo of an online verification service like BBB, Verisign or TRUSTe is another way. The good thing about these providers is that they let you run A/B test on your page, and they also measure your website’s conversion rate. As a result, you’re becoming a trustworthy online merchant while analyzing your website’s return of investment.


To sum it up, high website traffic doesn’t necessarily mean that it can increase your business’ revenue. Targeting your potential customers requires an efficient website with a simple user interface and purchasing process. Hence, ruling out all your website’s issues can resolve your conversion funnel dilemma.

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