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In what may just be an Easter fluke, it seems that the entire Blog Network is down for the day, and has been dead for at least an hour. The outage comes after complaints from some blog owners (including SEJ’s Greg Sterling) that posts placed over the past day were lost.

There is a thread right now going on the Forums with 86 replies : Have posts been lost in the past minutes?

Notes from the thread:

Judging by reports on this thread, the site went kaput less than two hours ago. So, bearing in mind that a) it’s a public holiday, b) west coast USA is still waking up and c) restoring backups is going to take higher priority than making forum posts, I wouldn’t expect to hear from any administrators just yet.

What happened? DoS attack? Hardware failure? Software bug? You guys (admins) really need to do some testing on changes or get your infrastructure more resilient. A response would be nice from a recognizable name, something to show some professional courtesy. And how about investing some development time in the ability for us to download our own backups so we can go somewhere more stable…like Blogger.

All my posts are gone. All my links. My blogroll. My catagories. My flickr is still there-but it is showing someone else’s pictures.
Am I still here this AM? If my blog is gone, do I still exist, lol?

I know that servers crash all over the place and hosts are up and down day to day, but one must wonder if such mass outages as the current Blog Outage of Easter 2006 will lead to more questions over the reliability of free blog hosting services such as,, and and the larger blogs (such as Robert Scoble’s) which are hosted on these services.

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