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With Raven Tools You Won’t Need Any Other Link Building Utility

I have already said previously that the most awesome feature of Raven Tools is that they consolidate plenty of SEO tasks and aggregate various SEO options. Today I am going to overview all its link building utilities and show how they help at every step of building your resource backlink power.

1. Find backlink opportunities

Site Finder, a handy feature inside the Raven Toolset, grabs the top ten domains ranked first for the provided keyword and researches their backlinks.

It allows you to enter a keyword phrase and then it automatically finds and ranks domains that link to the top ten Google results for that keyword phrase. It then uses a combination of ranking factors to determine how valuable a link from one of the returned domains would be to your site.

All the sites linking to your competitors are compiled in a table containing:

  • Domain name of your potential backlink provider;
  • The site “quality” (represents the summary of the below listed metrics);
  • Connections (number of competitors the site links to);
  • ACRank (powered by MajesticSEO);
  • mozRank (powered by SEOmoz);
  • Page authority;
  • Backlinks (Number of backlinks from that page).

Site finder

2. Keep track of your link building process

With such a huge database of the potential backlink providers, all you need to do is to approach each of them. This is when you need a solid utility to keep track of the link statuses you are building. Raven Tools’ Link Manager is there to help.

You should add all link opportunities you are coming across:

  1. Specify the link status (if it is queued, active, declined, etc);
  2. Provide the link details (anchor text, URL);
  3. Select the link type (user submitted; Content exchange, paid, blog comment, organic link, Competitor backlink)
  4. Set the listing creation date (to track the status, etc);
  5. Specify the link placement (where it is located, the type of the linking site, etc);
  6. Provide the link tags (for further reference and analysis)
  7. (Optionally) Assign tasks and add comments. If you’re a task administrator, you can assign a link record task to another user on your account.

Raven tools: Manage and monitor link building campaign

Of course, you can add links in bulk or import from the local file.

All the link statuses you are adding are organized via Website Directory that is a database of all your current and planned backlinks. The best thing about the tool is that it makes your link building records searchable – which make it much easier to refer to your previously built connections.

With it, you can search your links:

  • Across all website profiles;
  • Within one of the selected profiles;

as well as based on:

  • The PageRank,
  • Quality Analyzer Score,
  • Active Links,
  • Whether or not they Sell Links.

Websie directory - advanced search

3. Organize your link building contacts

The Contact Manager is used to manage relationships with website owners and editors. Contact records not only contain relevant contact details, they also provide links to website records and link records that are related to the contact.

The tool is very useful for compiling and searching your valuable (link prospect) contacts and organizing them by target project or website.

All your link building contacts are organized in a table containing:

  • Name;
  • Email address;
  • Associated websites;
  • Quantity of live links so far;
  • Type of relationships:

Contact manager

4. Research the links you have built

Whenever you start wondering how many links have been built so far, you may use the Backlink Explorer feature that allows you to get an advanced look at its backlinks. The tool is built in collaboration with Majestic SEO and provides a few awesome features for link builders.

For any given URL the tool will return the table of backlinks. Each line in it contains the following data:

  • The full URL of a linking page;
  • The linking page ACRank (ACitation-Rank: a very simple measure of how important a particular page is by assigning an integer value from 0 (lowest) to 15 (highest) depending on number of unique external domains linking to the page);
  • The link anchor text;
  • Nofollow attribute presence (yes/no);
  • Image link (yes/no).

Besides, you can add any of the links to the link manager or hide any of them.

Explor backlinks - Raven tools

Naturally, the whole table may be exported, filtered and modified.

Which link building task do you usually need help with? Let Raven Tools help you out!

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With Raven Tools You Won’t Need Any Other Link Building Utility

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