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Windows Live SkyDrive Soars Higher with New Features

Microsoft Windows online storage facility, Live SkyDrive (previously Live Drive) gets some useful improvements. Registered users of the Skydrive can now upload files of up to 1GB. This was the common clamor of SkyDrive users since they started using the online file storage facility.

The SkyDrive also introduced RSS subscription to inform users of updates for public folders. This is a nifty feature for users who monitors the file upload activities of their friends.

And to make file sharing easier, the SkyDrive now allows members to share their files to anyone by simply entering the email of members they want to share their file with. Think of it as the file uploading/sharing feature of Yahoo or Google Groups. This is also somewhat similar to the recently rolled out Google Shared Stuff facility, for sharing links and bookmarks to other users.


Lastly, when a member uploads a file, the member’s name will now be displayed together with the user access restriction and the number of editors for that particular file.


Windows Live Skydrive is simply getting better. And with the absence of the once rumored Gdrive until now, Microsoft is definitely gaining significant advantage over Google in this arena.

Hopefully though, Microsoft Windows will recall that the SkyDrive is not yet available in other parts of the world. Although, it may sound expensive and a big risk, it would be great to have this free service in our part of the world.

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Windows Live SkyDrive Soars Higher with New Features

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