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Will Google TV Merge with Android?

Google TV hasn’t precisely been the stunning success that some, including those in Google, predicted it would be. Reasons cited for that failure have been varied, and have included the expansion of services like Netflix and the high price of hardware. However, one of the reasons most experts agree on is the sometimes sloppy construction of the Google TV software. Multiple sources have now stated that Google may be merging the Google TV project with the upcoming Android OS 2.4 (Ice Cream / Ice Cream Sandwich).

If Google TV is wrapped into the Android OS project, then it would certainly get more community spotlight and would receive a more powerful dedicated team of developers. However, any additional details or advantages – such as how readily Google TV might be made available on smartphones and Google tablets, or how Google TV hardware may gain access to Android Market application – is unknown. Additionally, the exact fate of current Google TV hardware is uncertain. That said, the addition of Google TV to Android 2.4 is relatively in line with other anticipated features, which primarily include media-heavy capabilities such as a revamped music player.

The anonymous sources also stated that the Honeycomb project line (Android OS 3.0, specifically designed for tablets) will be wrapped back into the 2.x OS development line. If accurate, this likely means that Google is confident that the two platforms are becoming similar enough in features and format that they can effectively use the same OS.

It’s expected that the details of OS 2.4 will be officially announced at Google I/O, which will be taking place on May 11th and 12th. Additionally, Google will likely make other announcements on upcoming summer projects, which may include the Chrome OS, the rumored Google social network, and other major projects.

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Will Google TV Merge with Android?

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