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Why Yahoo! Messenger irritates me?

Of all the instant messengers out in the market, I prefer Yahoo! the most. The reason being simple, it works. But well, having used it for so long, I have got used to certain things, which unfortunately Yahoo! is making me change. Here are some of the nuisance value created by the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger.

The Download Size: It has apparently grown with every version. Considering software like Opera Browser packs in so much stuff in just 3.5 Megs, a chat client for 4.7 Megs is just pathetic.

The Speed: Latest version in addition to introducing funky looking skins has made the software so bulky that it crawls on slow computers. Unless you switch to the classic skin, it mostly remains terrible to operate.

The Desktop Space: I have always preferred to have the smallest possible window for the messengers coz I have many of them open at any given time. Yahoo! Messenger in the latest avatar keeps a bulk of space empty at the bottom part where in generally Content Tabs appear. For god sake, let me have the power to resize my Messenger window!

Displaced Options: Earlier I could access the profile of a user using 2 keys, now its more complex as the options to view profiles and webcam have been buried another level deep to Contact > Contact Options. Bad, considering there are no shortcuts predefined. Even bad that I can’t specify manual shortcuts. What generation we living in? Also, I cannot find any option to join the current user I am talking to in a chat room. Maybe I am missing something.

False Buzzing: They added the buzz button to the toolbar. Earlier I found it fun, now it’s a nuisance. I want to click on the IMvironment tab and I accidentally buzz the user. I cannot recall how many times I accidentally buzzed people for no particular reason.

Sushubh Mittal is the Tech Columnist at Search Engine Journal and also the publisher of TechWhack Blogs.

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Why Yahoo! Messenger irritates me?

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